Benefits Mussels, Very Good For Health

Benefits Mussels, Very Good For Health - The mussels are one type of food is very tasty to eat, besides that it also shells appeared to have efficacy or benefits that are useful for the health of our body, this is because the shells have a variety of nutrients that are very good for our bodies. One of the benefits for our health mussels are able to cope with asthma. Clamshell also has an economic value for society, because it can be used to make jewelry.

Scallop shells, the shells do not have a head, organ owned by the kidneys, the heart, the mouth, anus, blood circulatory system is open, the food in the form of plankton shells, all the shells when young males at the time was mature into females.

The mussels have gonads that genital glands that produce sperm or egg shells depending on sex itself.

Egg fertilization occurs externally. Yan fertilized eggs develop into larvae called trochophore who will swim and clings to some place before Markowitz so shell.
Benefits Mussels, Very Good For Health

Nutrition on the scallops are as follows:
Has a mineral content that is copper, iodine, zinc, iron, selenium, contain potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Protein, Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Magnesium

The type of mussels, clams have several of them is the Green Shellfish, Shellfish Bamboo, White Shellfish, Shellfish gravestone, blood cockle, Scallop Shells.

Benefits or efficacy of Mussels:

1. Maintaining Healthy Skin
One of the benefits that we regularly consume shellfish is able to maintain the health of our skin. The content of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E on the scallops very useful for maintaining or taking care of our skin so that no wrinkles and can not cope - freckles on the face.

2. Overcoming Pain In Joints
The benefits of eating shellfish can overcome the pain in the joints us.It's dikarana vitamin B12 present in the shellfish meat can improve nerve functioning of our body.

3. Improve Healthy Heart
Heart Health should be our case, one way to keep the heart healthy is to eat meat kerang.Kandungan Omega 3 in clam meat can improve blood circulation, especially the blood circulation to the heart.

4. Overcoming Asthma
Asthma can be overcome by regularly consume shellfish meat, the amino acid content in scallop meat to minimize respiratory disorders.

5. As a Source of Protein
The mussels have a high protein content, which is very useful for the development of cells - brain cells. This protein is useful in biological amino acid supply to the brain.

6. Lower Blood Pressure
The content of Potassium and Magnesium that of the shells are very useful in lowering blood pressure, because it can relax the blood vessels so that blood circulation becomes meningkat.Untuk it is advisable to consume shellfish at least twice a week.

7. Prevent Oesteoporosis
Bone loss or more so-called Oesteoporosis, not only experienced by the elderly but can also be experienced by people who are still muda.Salah one way to overcome Oesteoporosis by consuming shellfish, because shellfish containing a source of calcium which is very useful in maintaining the resilience or developments bones.

8. Assist Wound Healing Process
Which we experienced both the wound from impact or affected by it - other things that cause our skin becomes rusak.Agar the wound healing process can be faster is recommended to consume shellfish, because the content of zinc contained in shellfish can help speed up healing in the luka.Disamping zinc content results in shellfish also can improve the immune system that can fight germs or bacteria causing the infection.

9. Can Enhance Male Vitality
It turned out that by consuming shellfish can also increase the vitality of the high protein Pria.Kandungan the mussels can affect the hormone progesterone can trigger increased libido in men.

10. Overcoming Hepatitis
The contents of mussels boiled water can help in curing hepatitis.

Various Benefits clams we already said in the description above, probably many other benefits.

No wonder if these shells are more expensive and much sought after by the public, because the public already know about the nutritional content of the shells are very much beneficial for the health of our bodies.

Thus this brief article is made may be a source of knowledge for us together.

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