Careful Using Facial Mask

Careful Using Facial Mask
Various facial markers sold in the market. Starting from the textured mask powder, gel, up like paper. All that has almost the same function: enlightening, thicken, and refreshing.

However, if a mask is used in a way that is not true, it will cause adverse effects on the skin. If left in place the mask over time, there will be a wrinkle ,.

Mask was a lot of water levels, and therefore set aside in the skin when in the water for too long it will cause wrinkles.

Jam, a mask can cause side effects or not, depending on the components.

If function moisten it does not cause side effects. But if it serves to mask anti irritate the skin will dry and red.

Advice for women who want to use a mask should first consider the condition of the current user.

No skin diseases, allergies or irritation. For example there are injuries of course, it must be applied with caution. Except mask cuman moisture contents. If strange things first thinkers in accordance baseball or not safe for the skin.

Suggested the use of masks should not be more than 30 minutes. If it had been half an hour, you should mask immediately removed.

Masks will increase the water content, but if on the contrary (worn too long), he actually pulled from under our skin.

Ideally, enough face masks used twice a week. But with compositions such as moisturizing mask, should not be the composition by weight.

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