Don't Ignore For Cleaning Hair Comb or You Will Be Affected by this

Cleanliness is a source of health, and therefore not to miss to clean up all the goods are no exception Brang even small items like hair combs. As we know the hair is a crown of female or male behavior, I wonder if frequent cleaning by washing. But do not ignore also to membesih the comb is used almost every day.

This is because the course will reflect badly on you. According to Sejal Shah M.D which is a dermatological surgeon says that combs hair who never or rarely cleaned can cause a problem on your scalp.

When viewed at a glance that the comb no signs will cause a problem. But if the look and viewed more closely comb never cleaned it may be a nest of mites and bacteria that breed bacteria, may even be occupied by a fungus which of course will cause a problem.

Additionally dirty comb can also cause a buildup of cells - dead skin cells which if left unchecked will menyebbkan residues of chemicals using hair products.
Don't Ignore For Cleaning Hair Comb or You Will Be Affected by this

Many of the problems are caused by using dirty comb, starting from soiling the hair, the hair until the skin infection itching that menyebaban infection from becoming worse. This of course will make you feel uncomfortable because of the effect that caused the itching.

A myriad of hair care that you do to make your hair clean and shiny will be useless if you wear a hair comb never cleaned. If it still is used it will have an effect on hair that looks very oily though just shampoo or other hair care because of the buildup of chemical residues that come from the dirty comb.

Dermatologists strongly recommend to wash dirty comb as much as once a week. Of course for every comb clearing it would be different because it has the material and different shapes.

In plastic comb, you can clean it by putting in a bowl of warm water mixed with soap, shampoo or other cleaning fluid. Then after soaking the web spaces clean the comb to look clean and then rinse.

While on a wooden comb, do not do immersion in warm water and the use of chemicals such as soap and shampoo as it will damage the wood. So you just need to clean the sidelines comb using clean water Vyasa did immediately after drying on the wooden comb.

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