"Extraordinary" This Benefits Coconut Milk For Hair

There are many benefits of coconut is also loh pal, as long as we know how to process it, its Salain benefits of coconut water, coconut milk is also beneficial for our hair loh. Nutritious coconut oil for hair growth, prevent hair loss, and hide gray hair. Meanwhile, the benefits of coconut milk is for menumbuhan and straighten welcome.

How to make coconut milk passable easy, just set up 1 coconut then shredded up as gently as possible, and soak the grated coconut in a container that had been given water (its a little, so that milk produced more viscous). then squeeze the grated coconut over the filter so that no residual grated coconut in coconut milk settles.

Savor the coconut milk for the hair is very easy to obtain. Dampen the hair from tip to root with coconut milk, coconut skin and massage gently. Having considered it, fasten the hair and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair with clean water or with a natural shampoo. Way that is easy to do, it was not !!

Here are some of the benefits of coconut water for healthy hair:

"Extraordinary" This Benefits Coconut Milk For Hair

Maintaining Healthy Hair

Coconut milk can provide a cooling sensation on the scalp coconut milk can also provide natural moisture from the hair root to the tips of your hair. Way, drops on the scalp and massage for 5 minutes let stand for 20 minutes and then wash your hair as usual, this will restore the hair dry, damaged, brittle and untrustworthy as well as improve the health of hair follicles and stimulate hair growth in your head.

Hair Conditioner

Coconut milk can be used for natural hair conditioner contain natural oils in coconut milk makes the hair softer and easier to manage. How to apply coconut milk in head hair after shampooing to get softer hair, if your hair tousled you can also shed a bit of coconut milk in your hair and comb it until he tangled again.

Prevent Hair Branching

Using coconut milk provides high protein treatments on hair that makes grow faster and thicker. Protein in milk also prevents split ends or cracked, you can apply coconut milk at least once a month for more beautiful hair.

Slowing the growth of gray hair

Stress and using a shampoo that does not fit can cause gray hair grow faster despite the young age, coconut milk can delay and prevent the appearance of gray hair even when a person's age is advanced in coconut milk can reduce the amount of gray hair may accrue way, select the coconut older then grated and squeezed until it comes out the coconut milk and coconut milk add salt at embunkan overnight, the next day live in is applied to the hair.

Eliminating Dandruff

Coconut water contains tannin which can be antibacterials and Vitamin C which removes dandruff, if added pineapple and lime result will take more perfect. How, grated coconut and a half old and a quarter pineapple mengkal further strain to take water add juice of one lemon and leave for 15 minutes, you can use this herb to wash once a week.

Hair Loss Treatment

Use coconut milk for treating hair loss with coconut milk megoleskan way to the hair and then let sit for 30 minutes after that do a treatment with coconut milk is regularly at least 2x a week. You will see the results of your head hair will feel softer and stronger.

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