Three Intimate Places Other Than The Bedroom (Most Favoured)

Three Intimate Places Other Than The Bedroom (Most Favoured)
Is there a place to have sex than on the bed? Of course there is. Having sex couple can not only be done in bed. Every now and then look for a new sensation to try places other than the bedroom to make love. This sensation will make the life of the household becomes more passionate.


Three Intimate Places Other Than The Bedroom (Most Favoured)
The bathroom becomes the safest place to do personal activities. Well, for those who are married, the bathroom was also a favorite place for sex. In the bathroom, there are two choices angle is most often used by couples to make love.

In the bathtub

Three Intimate Places Other Than The Bedroom (Most Favoured)
If the bathroom is equipped with a bathtub, try to use this one corner to make love. The trick, fill the bathtub with foam and extra flowers or aromatherapy fragrances to invite passion. For example, aromatherapy roses are romantic, sensual jasmine aromatherapy, aromatherapy ginger or warm. If possible, set your favorite music together. As a complement, add some candles and arrange the lighting in the bathroom to be a bit dim. All this will create a romantic atmosphere and invites passion. Then start by rubbing with soap or else give a gentle massage before you start having sex.

Under the shower

Three Intimate Places Other Than The Bedroom (Most Favoured)
Making love under a spray of fresh water is a favorite choice for some couples. Splash of water makes the blood circulation becomes more smoothly so that the passion was only increasing. Moreover, love under running water spray makes the couple feel cleaner.


Three Intimate Places Other Than The Bedroom (Most Favoured)
The kitchen became the territory of women. While in the kitchen, the man was being serviced, maintained and nurtured like a small child. Therefore, the men often provoked passion at the kitchen noticed his wife was preparing the dish. Of course, the couple must find a cozy corner in the kitchen to make love, such as on the kitchen table.

Well, remember the kitchen became one sex than on the bed were pretty much chosen by the partner, you should make when designing a home kitchen a little wider. A spacious kitchen will not only facilitate women to cook, but also will make it easier if you want to try to make love in the kitchen.

In the car

Three Intimate Places Other Than The Bedroom (Most Favoured)
In general, having sex in a car is often done by the young couple. But it could not hurt a married couple years of trying to have sex in the car. If you are interested to make love in a car, consider the following important.

  • Make sure the car park in a safe place so that lovemaking is not disturbed or cause problems for the people who were around the car.
  • Section rear seat into a comfortable place for the selection of sex. While the front seats could also be an option, but care should be taken so that the couple disturbed by the steering wheel.
  • Prepare also a pillow in the car to help comfort sex.
  • Prepare gathering wipes to clean themselves after sex.
  • But avoid using lubrication or lubrication because this fluid can leave scars that are quite difficult to remove.

That's a few places to have sex than on the bed of the most widely preferred by the husband and wife. No harm in trying one of the above as a variation in sex.


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