Seven Reasons You May Not Shower

Some people really enjoy the activities of self-cleaning shower alias. But, for some others, the bath is like a burden.

Many of us grew up with a ritual bath twice a day. When bathing, brushing our teeth, body cleansing with soap, and shampoo. Although the shower is important to maintain cleanliness, in fact there are times when you can skip the shower, and it was actually even make the skin condition better.

Bath every day can make the skin dry and kill the good bacteria. "The skin has a lot of good bacteria to be protective as well as prevention of skin infections," said Dr. Jill Waibel, founder of Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute.

When showering, you not only clean the dirt, but also disrupt the balance of microbes. Use antimicrobial soap can destroy the good bacteria that cause severe skin infections.

"Shower excessively can affect this balance," says Waibel. However, if the body is sweating after exercise or exposure to dust and dirt, you have to bathe for health.

Here are seven conditions when you do not need a shower.
Seven Reasons You May Not Shower

1. When cold air
When the cold air, you are able to shower with warm water as a solution. But keep in mind, the bath with warm water can cause dry skin. "Because the skin loses moisture levels are eroded warm water and soap," says Waibel. If I really had to shower with warm water, you are advised not to linger, just ten minutes, or set the water temperature warm to lukewarm, and use skin moisturizer immediately after bathing.

2. After using a self-tanner
Cosmetic reasons can also make you drop out of the bath, especially after using a self-tanner. "Self-tanner can work optimally on the skin that is not washed," says Waibel.

3. Suffering from eczema
"Those who have atopic dermatitis (eczema) should not bathe too often, let alone a bath with warm water," said Shari Lipner dermatologist. Therefore, a hot bath will make your skin sensitive, dry, and vulnerable to infection.

4. After surgery
Doctors usually reminds bandages wound closure operation is not water-wet. "So, it would be wise if you miss bathing in this situation," said Lipner.

5. Do not sweat
If your body does not sweat and body odor, you do not need a shower. "Not why skip the occasional shower," said Lipner. Condition, diligent hand washing to get rid of germs and brushing teeth.

6. The skin is very dry
If your skin ekstrakering, should reduce the frequency of the bath with warm water. "A warm bath too often and long will make the skin more dry," said Lipner.

7. Dry Hair
Shampooing with using too much hot water as well as shampoo can make hair dry and brittle.

Indeed, there is no rule that determines when a person should bath. What is important, consider what happens to the body and decide whether or not you need a shower.

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