Google Pixel: Is this the new king of Android?

Depth review has been strewn about the smartphone made by Google, Pixel. Most cast a compliment, not a few who declare it the best Android phone at the moment. Despite the obvious criticism remains.

In the specification, the Pixel is incredible. He was provided the strongest processor Qualcomm, Snapdragon 821 combined 4 GB RAM. Then the camera is claimed to be exceptional.

From the software side, Pixel anything tempting. Google digital assistant Assistant sophisticated claimed to help users.

Foreign technology media conclusions after studying the ability of pixels, which is on sale from USD 650 this, and is it appropriate Pixel so the new king of Android, especially since the main competitor Note 7 is turned off? Here they said.
Google Pixel: Is this the new king of Android?

David Pierce - Wired
I love Android. However, sometimes the Android phone can be frustrating. A clever feature sometimes drowned among so many applications bloatware. So the iPhone is the Default Phone, the phone should you buy if you want a phone.

Google Pixel change it. He has the looks and the competence of the iPhone, with a truly superb camera and a range of services and innovative software. He changed his answer to the question is often heard, what phone should you buy? You must buy Pixel.

While traveling, Google Assistant is a guide, translator and researcher. He knew where I should go, how and when I had to leave that place. Assistant is the best voice guides. Voice recognition into text almost perfect. Assistant makes everything faster and easier.

I'm really in love with Pixel. I love the camera, I love Google Assistant, I like to use it with a VR headset, I can finally get Android Like a powerful and attractive.

There is a joke that emerged after the Pixel launched is that Google makes the iPhone. Well, that's true. An iPhone running Android certainly is something that I've been waiting.

Dieter Bohn - The Verge
Google makes phones for the first time. He called Pixel, he is the Google phone inside and out, sold directly by them to the crowd. With Pixel, we can finally get what the best efforts of Google on your phone.

Pixel looks like an iPhone. After several years of trying, Samsung could find their own aesthetic. Google might finally done it. Pixel also not waterproof so disturbing. I also note though fall is not too high, there is a little part of the screen cracked. This does not bode well.

But the Pixel is fast, faster than the Galaxy S7. Of course performance, Pixel is the best Android phone you can buy. In this first experiment, Google managed to do a home run.

If you would like to agree with Google and called Pixel mobile phone with the best camera, I would not argue. I just want to say pick the best among Pixel camera, iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 more on personal preferences rather than actual picture quality.

Pixel is really nice. In all sizes, from the speed, power, camera, smart assistant, call it whatever, he can equal or exceed the best phone on the market today. The overall package is quite incredible and if you are not daunted by the price premium, you will be pleased with this premium phone.
Google Pixel: Is this the new king of Android?

Raymond Wong - Mashable
For many, the Android is Samsung. And good reason, Samsung Galaxy, if not burst, made so well. They shipped more than 300 million mobile phones last year.

But without Note 7, Samsung leave gaps in the upscale segment. Android takes the new king. Can Google Pixel filling the hole left Note 7?

I think not quite tempting compared Pixel premium phones more affordable as OnePlus 3 by not taking into account the features Assistant.

Do Asisstant good enough to justify the price premium? I think also not the case. Google could beat the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but they chose to play it safe and maintain the status quo.

Pixel does not have a breakthrough design. He is a good phone and I'm sure Asisstant will grow to be more useful, but this time not so interesting or inspiring. If Google really wants to play with Apple at an expensive price, they have to try harder next year.

Google Pixel: Is this the new king of Android?
Michael Nunez - Gizmodo
If you will be spending $ 650 for a phone, you'll want the phone looks great and can last for at least two years. Well, if I would recommend this phone to the ordinary people? The short answer is no.

Pixel is not a big step forward for Android. The nice thing on Nexus phones is that you get a premium phones under USD 500. At a price of USD 650, Pixel as expensive as most of the flagship phone for no good reason.

Google Assistant is basically just diglorifikasi version of Google Now is on the phone last year and did not deserve to be appreciated the extra hundreds of dollars.

I'm sure that at some point Google inappropriate artificial intelligence justified the high prices, but for now, he has not been quite helpful.

This year, the iPhone is definitely better. Android phones that exist today is really a joke. Galaxy S7 at least look good, but he was already 6 months. If you have to buy an Android phone, Pixel can be selected. But I can not wholeheartedly recommend the purchase of Android because if Pixels are the best phones available, it's time to move on.

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