This is a Sexy Body Most Beautiful Women in the World (Nana Im Jin Ah)

Nana Im Jin Ah
Nana popularity continued to rise after winning the title as the most beautiful woman of the world version of TC Candler. Nana won the prestigious title twice in a row. That's where the name Nana increasingly recognized.

The public always wants to know anything related to the artist's country of origin Kimchi. They are also happy to discuss body shape Nana considered sexy.

And that's what happens when Nana graced magazine pages SURE. Nana look sexy and beautiful to show off her curves.

As reported by the Koreaboo, Nana also seemed confident while showing beautiful feet and hierarchically in public.

With the rapid appearance of the sexy girl group After School personnel have received a response from netizens. They praised Nana slender curves and tiny waist.

"She was very sexy. Her beauty is perfect," said one netizen. "Small waist and legs, his envy," said another. "He was born with a beautiful body," said another. "Nana sexy and attractive," said another netizen. "No wonder he won the most beautiful woman in the world. Her form was perfect," said another.

Nana had leaked the secret beautiful body. Nana disclosed, he has a special way to keep the body so ideal and always look sexy.

"I started with a workout, after that I went to the gym to get training under a personal trainer even though I am very busy," he said.

In addition, Nana also keeping her diet. He is not super strict diet, but personnel After School is very concerned about the food they consume. "I prefer to live a low-sodium diet with healthy foods," he said.


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