Brain Cancer, Now Most Deadly in Children

Brain Cancer, Now Most Deadly in Children
Cases of brain cancer in children is the most lethal cases in the United States. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the treatment of brain cancer, the same as in the treatment of leukemia because it is healed through the blood and bone marrow.

Quoted from page Huffingtonpost, in 1999 ago, nearly one in three children who died of cancer also had leukemia, in which the brain cancer became the number one cause of death among four others. In 2014, the figure inversely, where researchers found that the proportion of childhood cancer mortality.

The result, according to a study by the National Center for Health Statistics, deaths in children due to cancer dropped by 20 percent in 1999. Unfortunately, from 100 thousand young people, one in 19 people, cause of cancer deaths as much as 2.28 percent in 2014.

In addition to leukemia, other diseases that lead to cancer of bone and articular cartilage, thyroid and other endocrine gland problems. Combination with brain cancer and leukemia, then the amount to 81.6 per cent in the case of cancer deaths in children in 2014.

According to Sally Curt in, author of the study, explained that the deaths due to brain cancer had stable results along with a decrease in mortality due to leukemia. In 2014, 445 children died of leukemia than in 1999 as many as 645 children have died with the same case.

However, cases of child deaths due to brain cancer increased from 516 to 1999 to 534 in 2014. “For children with brain tumors, it is difficult to do maintenance, so it is difficult to do chemo. However, with leukemia, therapy is used on direct blood and bone marrow, where it was the cancer arises,” said the head of neuro-oncology children at the National Cancer Institute, Katherine Warren.

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