50 Percent of Cases Heart Attack Deaths in place

50 Percent of Cases Heart Attack Deaths in place
In commemoration of World Heart Day on 29 September, the Ministry of Health back campaigned understanding of heart disease in the community.

In the 1990s, the trend is still around and disease associated with infection. However, now with the development of technology, the changing trend of the disease into non-communicable diseases (NCDs) one of which is heart disease.

Some of the most dominant NCDs in the community include stroke, heart disease, and diabetes mellitus. One of the heart disease that can cause death is heart attacks impromptu fastest.

"Coronary heart disease (CHD) is touted as a threat to life is high enough. Well, CHD is divided into two sudden and long-lasting," said Chairman of the Cardiovascular Specialist Doctors Association of Indonesia (Perki), Dr. dr. Ismoyo Sunu, SpJP (K), FIHA, FasCC in discussion Power Your Life, on P2P Director General, Ministry of Health, Jakarta, Thursday, September 22, 2016.

The type ie sudden heart attack is the result not observant ad hoc basis in view of the condition of the body. Moreover, due to not observant in seeing it, causing many people have died on the spot.

"Many do not understand understanding of chest pain in the body, if late is very difficult to treat. Fifty percent had a heart attack, could die on the spot," he added.

Therefore, there are few complaints to heart attacks that occur in the body such as discomfort in the body and is associated with colds. Then, discomfort in the chest accompanied by other symptoms of a cold sweat, fear, and so on.

"Usually, the pain is not a heart attack is chest at one point only. Can be widened and spread to the arms, and chest pain cause discomfort."

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