Five Things to Look To Avoid Senile

Five Things to Look To Avoid Senile
Senile dementia or Alzheimer's Disease International described by (ADI) as a disease that affects large not only for the sufferers but also the people around him. Due to memory and emotion slowly eroded, then the sufferers would urgently need assistance for daily living.

There are no drugs that can cure dementia, but according to Deputy Director of the Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) for the Asia Pacific, DY Suharya, there are at least five things a person can do to avoid diseases such as:

1. Keep your emotions
When the body is stressed brain to produce the hormone cortisol. Well in people with Alzheimer's disease of high cortisol levels in the blood can cause more damage to the hippocampus or the area of ​​the brain associated with memory.

"The hippocampus will be the only area affected first. And chronic stress can also cause some risk in dementia," said Dr. Laura Phipps, Alzheimer researchers in the UK, quoted by the Telegraph.

Reported by Reuters, also called the woman more susceptible to Alzheimer's disease than men because women generally tend to have a more sensitive feeling. Thus, they more often feel anxious, jealous, moody and depressed.

2. Sports
In a study conducted on mice by researchers at New York University, with regular exercise then certain chemicals are naturally produced in the brain. This material was subsequently increases the production of BDNF or referred to by researchers as the 'Miracle-Gro'. This substance naturally has a role in improving the memory capacity and the growth of nerve cells.

Karen Postal of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, adding that ran for 30-40 minutes each day helps increase blood flow to the brain. Thanks to that person's cognitive abilities are believed to be increasing.

3. Healthy diet
Mediterranean diet dominated by fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish was not only able to maintain a healthy weight ideal. Studies show a diet, it is also beneficial for the brain.

The study in 674 elderly people by researchers from Columbia University show diet Mediterranean diet can make the number of brain cells young more. This is because the aging process in the brain cells they walked slower than those who do not do the Mediterranean diet.

4. Use your brain
When retired do not stop to perform the activity. Fill the day with running a hobby or an activity that makes the brain to keep thinking such as do crossword puzzles or playing sudoku.

Research by the Mind Research Network found people who often play puzzle when entering into a more difficult level, the brain will increase the amount of glucose that reinforce the connection of existing neurons. In the end it can improve cognitive function of the brain.

5. Socialization
Research conducted by Oxford University showed people with more friends who have larger brains and more connected between neurons. Conversely, people with limited social network had connections in the brain that are less good.

That is because when we interact with others, the brain quickly send messages and impressions that people have a broader association can more quickly make decisions.

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