Don't do this on Hair Before Sleep

Don't do this on Hair Before Sleep
This way you should avoid doing this activities on your hair before sleeping so that  your hair health is maintained.

Having healthy hair is not dry until the end of the hair is everybody's dream. This condition can you get if you pay attention to what may and may not do with the patient.

Not only shampooing, in fact there are other treatments that must be done to get maximum results. One is considering the condition of the hair before going to bed.

Reported Boldsky, here are some of the activities you should avoid before going to bed so that your hair health is maintained.

No fresh addition to shampooing once a day through the day. However, it turns out this is wrong. Because sleep in a state of wet hair will make hair follicles damaged. Not only that, it turns out to sleep with wet hair also can cause sore throat and scalp infections. Even more dangerous, the bacteria will thrive in humid conditions and wet hair.

Tying hair
Hair also needs a breather, do occasionally tying the hair until you fall asleep faster. May tie your hair so as not to touch the face to avoid pimples, but only loosely. Moreover, tying the hair during sleep can make your hair become brittle.

Miscast comb
If you want to comb your hair, choose the type that has a comb tooth width so that the hair you do not need to be suffering from the comb pull you did.

Wear old pillowcase
Usually when replacing pillowcases and bed linen are also the safest thing is once a week. Because pillowcase containing the bacteria and oils that can damage your hair. If not replaced, not just rmabut you just damaged but also your skin will be affected by acne.

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