Benefit Of Chili, Quickly Overcome Heart Attack

Benefit Of Chili Overcome Heart Attack
Benefit Of Chili, Quickly Overcome Heart Attack - Heart attacks often occur suddenly and unpleasant events are frequently also referred to as heart failure conditions. However, many people do not realize that the basic ingredients of spices or foods such as chili was able to prevent heart attacks in one minute.

The chili has been a subject of research for a number of health professionals, including the famous herbalist, Dr. John Christopher. He recommended that the chili has the power to heal, and has long been recommended as a herb for heart health. In fact, is believed to help prevent or treat heart attacks.

" After 35 years of practice, I have never lost a single patient from heart attack. When they have trouble breathing when having a heart attack, I rushed to enter a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a cup of hot water. Most of them realized immediately after drinking it and can control their breathing previous back spasms " he said.

Cayenne pepper has at least 90,000 Seville scale (size of spicy chili). So how do I make it? The following materials along with how to use suggested by Dr. John Christopher, as reported by the Healthy Food House:

Materials needed include: chili powder, cayenne pepper one to three fresh, alcohol 50 per cent, one-liter glass bottles, and gloves.

Here's how:
1. Wear gloves beforehand to maintain sterility hand
2. Fill a quarter of a glass bottle with chili powder
3. Pour alcohol in moderation
4. Mix fresh chili with alcohol taste, then blend until creamy soft as gravy. Then fill the mixture in the bottle until it meets the three-quarter dose.
5. Then the rest, fill with alcohol on it until it is full and closed. Shake the bottle several times a day.
6. Save the solution or commonly called tincture dark and dry place.

For use in people who are having a heart attack and stroke, according to Dr. John Christopher, which provide five to ten drops of tincture for patients who are still conscious. Repeat administration of the tincture until the patient's condition improves.

If the patient is conscious, give one to three drops of the tincture under their tongue and started doing CPR or rescue breathing efforts. Repeat treatment every five minutes until the patient's condition improves.

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