Nutritional Content and 12 Benefits of Red Beans for Health

Nutritional Content and 12 Benefits of Red Beans for Health
Benefits Of Red Beans - Benefits of Fruits & Vegetables - Who does not know beans?

Yes, plants belonging to the family of legumes (Fabaceae) is not yet widely consumed in Indonesia.

Too bad all this time many are reluctant to consume these nuts, especially women because they cause weight gain. Though red beans are a source of food that contains high nutritional value.

And the fact is the opposite, red beans are believed to control weight. Imagine, red beans known to contain high potassium, fiber, antioxidants, folate, iron, and various other minerals that are needed by the body.

Red beans are divided into several types, including: red bean, adzuki beans (small red beans), and kidney bean (beans). Food types of legumes is often used in various dishes such as soup, especially rice, curry, salad and toppings.

Red beans are known very well to maintain a healthy body, which are good for heart health. Red beans also contain fiber, which is very good fiber for digestive health.

Nutritional Content of Red Beans

Red beans are the food products from the legume family (legumes) are rich in nutrient content.

Red beans contain an energy of 336 kilocalories, 23.1 grams protein, 59.5 grams carbohydrates, 1.7 grams fat, 80 milligrams of calcium, phosphorus 400 milligrams and 5 milligrams of iron.

Also in Red beans also contained as much as 0 IU of vitamin A, vitamin B1 and 0.6 milligrams of vitamin C 0 milligrams.

With the content of the beans have different benefits and properties for health.

Red Beans and Efficacy Benefits To Health

1. Benefits Red beans as a Source of Energy

Red beans are known to contain a lot of iron which is the main source necessary to increase the metabolism and the body's energy. Red beans also helps the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. With the high iron content of red beans is required by the body to increase energy.

2. Benefits of Red Beans in Controlling Weight Loss

Red beans are very well taken for those of you who want to have a stable weight, because by consuming these foods will give a sense of fullness longer. Thus you can control your weight because they always feel full and the desire to eat can be forgotten.

3. Benefits of Red Beans as a Source of Antioxidants

The benefits of antioxidants is to maintain the function of the body's cells and repair cells damaged by free radicals. By eating foods rich in atioksidan then your health will remain intact. One of them is to eat red beans, red beans known to be rich in antioxidants.

4. Benefits of Red Beans in Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

If you do not want the blood sugar levels rise, it helps you eat red beans. Red beans are known efficacious in controlling sugar levels in the blood. Famous red beans are rich in fiber akndungan. These fibers can reduce the metabolic rate of the carbohydrate content in nuts.

5. Benefits Red beans as a Source of Protein

As we know that all the food from the family of legumes are rich in vegetable protein complete. Proteins found in nuts is much better than animal proteins are high in bad fats. The protein content of red beans are a healthy protein, low fat and an important role in maintaining a healthy body.

6. Benefits of Red Beans for Brains

Vitamin K has a very important role in maintaining brain health. One of the foods that contain vitamin K is a red bean. These foods contain a lot of vitamin K, which provide essential nutrients to the brain and nervous system. By eating beans regularly, brain health will remain intact for adequate nutrient intake well.

7. Benefits of Red Beans as a Source of Vitamins

Red beans are also a good source of vitamin B, which is essential for brain cells. These vitamins nourish the brain and nerve cells that prevent age-related diseases such as Alzheimer's.

8. Benefits of Red Beans for Smooth defecation

Fibers contained in beans can help the digestive system healthy. Consuming foods rich in fiber is very good for smooth bowel movement. With the high fiber content of red beans efficacious in maintaining intestinal health, prevent constipation and irregular bowel movements.

9. Benefits of Red Beans To Lower Cholesterol

Consuming red beans in the right amounts can help lower cholesterol levels. The content of magnesium and fiber in kidney beans are useful in helping to lower bad cholesterol levels.

10. Red Beans Benefits in Lowering Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's is a mental health disorder that is widely known with dementia, the disease is closely related to brain health.

To maintain brain health and lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease, the body requires the intake of foods that contain lots of vitamin B. Vitamin B is known to be beneficial in maintaining brain health by maintaining brain cells and brain neurons continue to work well.

On the red beans known to contain vitamin B, particularly containing vitamn BI (Thiamin) that contribute to the enzymatic reaction, as the center of energy production and is also essential for brain cell function / cognition.

11. Red Beans Benefits For Heart Health

The heart is a vital organ for the body, therefore we need to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy heart. Maintaining heart health is closely associated with the food we eat. Foodstuffs with high levels of plant proteins have a role in helping keep the heart healthy. As with other types of beans, red beans are a good source of protein for the heart.

12. Benefits Red Beans To Prevent Colon Cancer

High fiber content in beans efficacious in helping to prevent colon cancer. Fiber plays an important role in digestion, keeping the digestive system remains good and colon cleansing. This can indirectly prevent cancer of the colon.

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