Green Beans or Mung Bean - Feature Plants Nutritional content, and Benefits

Green Beans or Mung Bean - Feature Plants Nutritional content, and Benefits
Green beans are made into a famous food mung bean porridge, in addition to the green beans have many health benefits, the following is a discussion more



Stems are round, green beans and enormous number of books is small, furry reddish-green or brownish. every book on the trunk has a petiole. and generally grows upright stems of this plant grows up to 1m, and its branches spread in all directions.


Leafy compound. Generally there are 3 leaves on one stem. leaves are oval and taper the edges. color leaves are green and some are green.


Flower plant green beans shaped like a butterfly shape and the color is pale yellow. types of flowers including a perfect hermaphrodite or androgynous. pollination process occurs at night so the flowers will bloom in the morning and afternoon will wither.

Fruits and Seeds

Fruit plants green pea pod shape length can reach about 5-6 cm per pod. each pod contains 10 -15 grain seed. The young pods are green, after dark it turns brownish or blackish.
mung bean seeds are round, white inside, size is smaller compared with the soybean seed. may weigh about 0.5 to 0.8 mg perbutir.

There are also green beans with golden grain.


Green beans are one of the plants beans or legumes (Fabaceae) in Indonesia, this plant ranks third after soybeans and peanuts, both of the area of cultivation and production as well as its role as a food ingredient. The plant is short-lived annuals, approximately 65 days. Java was the main producer of green beans in Indonesia.

Mung bean (Vigna radiata) is a kind of crops are widely known in the tropics. The most economic value is the seed. Green beans boiled until tender and eaten as porridge or eaten directly. Mature seeds are crushed and used as fill onde-onde, Steamed Bun, or gandas turi. Mung bean sprouts into a common vegetable eaten in East Asia and Southeast Asia and is known as bean sprouts. Green beans when boiled long enough to be broken and the starch contained in the seeds will come out and thickens, becomes a kind of porridge. Green bean seed flour, known in the market as hunkue flour, used in making pastries and tend to form a gel. This flour can also be processed into noodles known as glass noodles.


Green beans have relatively high protein content of 22% and is a source of important minerals, including calcium and phosphorus. While fat is an unsaturated fatty acid. The content of calcium and phosphorus in the green beans helpful for bone strengthening.

Green beans have a protein content as much as 24.4%, fat 1%, and 64.6% carbohydrate. Moreover, by (Marzuki and Soeprapto, 2007), this plant contains vitamin B1, vitamin A and C.

Here is a table Green Beans Nutritional content per 100 grams of material.

Nutritional content Green Beans
Calories (cal) 323
Protein (g) 22
Fat (g) 1.5
Carbohydrate (g) 56.8
Calcium (mg) 223
Iron (mg) 7.5
Phosphorus (mg) 319
Vitamin A (SI) 157
Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.46
Vitamin C (mg) 10
Water (g) 15.5


The content of calcium and phosphorus in the green beans helpful for bone strengthening. Green beans also contain low fat excellent for those who want to avoid high fat consumption. Green beans are also able to maintain heart health because unsaturated fat content by 73 percent.

Green beans contain vitamin B1 that is useful for the growth and vitality of men. Then the green beans and its derivatives are very suitable for consumption by those who are newly married.

Green beans also contain multiple proteins that serve to replace dead cells and help the growth of body cells, therefore the children and women who have recently maternity advisable to consume.

Traditionally, pregnant mothers are often advised to drink green beans that babies born has bushy hair. The content of calcium and phosphorus content of green beans helpful for strengthening the skeleton.

Here are some of the properties and benefits of green beans more

Mineral sources
Green beans are foods that become a source of minerals. Some important minerals contained therein are potassium, magnesium, folic acid, zinc, iron, and phosphorus. Potassium and magnesium is important for heart health

Having Effects Detoxification
The green beans have the benefits of detoxification of the body and increase metabolism. In natural medicine in China and India, the green beans are often recommended for detoxification (expenditure toxins) in the body and to cure chronic diseases.

Lose weight
Green beans are low in calories (not cooked with coconut milk and sugar-rich) is a source of fiber which can provide satiety longer. By doing so, the desire to snack will be captured. It's a positive thing for those of you who mengiginkan in a healthy and natural diet.

Strengthens Body Immunity
Green beans are rich in vitamin C are antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. One cup of green beans contains one-third daily requirement of vitamin C.
nourish Bones

Green beans contain lots of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are needed to build healthy bones and dense.

Lowering Cholesterol
The green beans are rich in soluble dietary fiber (soluble dietary fiber). Soluble fibers dissolve and form a gel-like substance in the intestines that binds most of the cholesterol reducing cholesterol absorption by the intestine.

Digestion launched
Fiber is found in green beans are also very beneficial digestion, thereby reducing the risk of many diseases and intestinal disorders.

Reduce Cancer Risk
Green beans and some other types of nuts contain a protease inhibitor. Protease inhibitors are known to inhibit and prevent the formation of tumor cells.

Vegetable Protein Source
Green beans contain lots of vegetable protein. Vegetable sources of protein is more friendly to the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessel) because it contains very little saturated fat and cholesterol than animal protein sources of meat.

Controlling Weight
Green beans and mung bean flour is widely used as a food substitute wheat, rice, and other flour. Green beans thinking about a low glycemic index means little to contain glucose. Excess glucose is likely to be stored as body fat. Plenty to eat foods low in glucose tended not to gain weight.

Reducing the Risk of Anemia
Anemia can be caused by iron deficiency. Green beans contain a lot of iron that is needed in the formation of blood cells.

Preventing High Blood Pressure
Green beans contain lots of potassium which acts to control blood pressure, preventing high blood pressure (hypertension).

Tones the Brain
Green beans contain a lot of phosphorus, a mineral abundant in brain tissue. Mineral phosphorus helps brain function in remembering and concentrating.

Apparently, green beans also can cure beriberi disease, kidney inflammation, digestion, high blood pressure, overcome alcohol poisoning, pesticides, lead, overcome itching for prickly heat, vomiting, strengthen the spleen and stomach function, impotence, tuberculosis lungs lung, acne, overcome the black spots on the face, etc.

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