Glass Film Automobiles, Make Privacy Women Awake

Glass Film Automobiles, Make Privacy Women Awake
INFINITY INFINITY Black Optic artificial Window Film of the United States touted as a car window film gives more privacy to female motorists.

Window film provides privacy for girls, from the comfort and safety remains invisible from the outside, the 80 per cent level of darkness from the outside look of the 50 percent from the inside.

Window film can also absorb and reject solar heat by up to 70 percent, reject infrared rays by 70 percent and amounted to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet light, but can reduce the glare from the sun and other vehicle lights up to 70 percent.

Mevin continue, because it contains no metal, glass film does not undergo rusting and does not interfere with cell phone signals, radio, and GPS.

INFINITY Black Optic was introduced by INFINITY Window Film, glass original film made in the United States, today.

Black Optic window film technology made of carbon in the form of nano-particles.

Since it is the most stable element, window film is very durable so it will not undergo discoloration.

As the name implies, INFINITY Black Optic (Optimum performace Tint Carbon) offers black with three variations of the Black Optic 5 (80 percent dark), Black Optic 20 (60 percent dark) and Black Optic 35 (40 per cent of darkness).

Black Optic can also protect interrior car and driver or a passenger in it.

INFINITY like glass films that have been launched before the Black Stable, Black Prestige, Stealth and Ultran Clear, latest product INFINITY also gives a warranty of eight years as a guarantee of satisfaction and tranquility for dealers and consumers.

In addition to the windshield, INFINITY Black Optic can also be applied to the glass of the building and has been used in several buildings.

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