This Consumption so that your womb More Fertile

This Consumption so that your womb More Fertile
Condition of the womb every woman of course vary. There was newly married but has been given a descent, but there also have been married but have not gotten offspring. If you include women who are pregnant, trying to consumption of nutritious foods that can help enrich your womb, such as:

In addition to containing a lot of protein, meat is also rich in iron. Try to consume beef or chicken fat is not more than three servings per day. Because if excessive, will actually decrease your fertility.

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish can optimize reproductive performance. Try to eat fish rich in omega-3 such as salmon, sardines or catfish. Eat fish species over as much as 12 ounces a week. If you fear the mercury content in fish may be there, you can get omega-3 fatty acids from walnuts, almonds or eggs.

These foods are rich in vitamins good for fertility. Although uncertain, according to some studies, the possibility of yam is a substance that can stimulate ovulation.

dairy products
In addition to good bones, dairy products are also useful for the fertility of your womb. Choose dairy products that are low or fat-free.

Growing Herbs protein
Protein-rich plants such as peas or peanuts, can also increase your fertility. This type of food can certainly be a very good choice, if you are a vegetarian. In addition to cheaper, these foods are also low in fat and calories.

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