Scared Distended Stomach? Avoid to Habits It!

Scared Distended Stomach? Avoid to Habits It!
Distended stomach, not because to much eat, but dietary habit and lifestyle is not healthy. If you have this condition, it is time for introspection, is there any unhealthy habits that performed so far?

Learn about the bad habits that cause stomach becomes distended and try to avoid it. Here are six habits that can lead to belly fat, reported by Tempo.

1. Drinking diet sodas
If you have ever thought that a healthy diet sodas and would not lead to weight gain, you should think again. This drink is the same as other fizzy drinks. In addition, calorie and sugar in these drinks together with other drinks.

2. Working while sitting
Working while sitting can make you fat, especially on the abdomen, hips, and thighs. Women are the groups most at risk in this regard.

3. Eat uncontrollable
Not following a healthy balanced diet is a habit that can trigger abdominal fat. The food you eat plays an important role maintaining the shape of the body and your health. In addition, you should never eat while watching television. Because, unconsciously, you will eat constantly.

4. Being in the comfort zone
Continues to be in a comfort zone can make you lazy and this can lead to weight gain. Now it's time to build dreams and your new goal.

5. Party night
Feast at night is one of the dangerous habit. This kind of party will only add fat in the abdomen and tipped the scales rise you several kilograms. In addition, you should avoid alcohol and fried foods when you are at a party.

6. Your Forget healthy diet
Adding healthy foods in your daily diet is very important. Add foods contain protein to help add energy to the body. Insert nuts as part of a healthy snack to keep you can do.

Activities That Not Make You Fat
Although activity builds up and just makes you more often sit, it does not mean the weight will go up dramatically. Weight gain can be controlled in a way that is healthy, convenient and fun, following his review.
  • Drinking Green Tea. Reduce drinking coffee or black tea when feeling thirsty, bored, sleepy or in the office. Try to drink more green tea, as it can help to lose weight and eliminate hunger. Green tea contains antioxidants in large quantities that can help to reduce fat in the body, and also a number of other benefits to the body.
  • Snacking By Wise. Many believe that eating potatoes can make weight soared. When in fact the potato actually help to lose weight, because potatoes can keep the stomach feel full for a longer period of time. It is said that the fat content and calories in less than a baked potato fries or potato chips. The baked potatoes are often recommended by dieticians, as proved beneficial for the body. If you want a lighter snack foods again, try popcorn. Popcorn can also help you lose weight and keep the stomach feel full.
  • Lots of laughs. Health experts said, laughing can help you lose weight, and also can provide other benefits for health. It has been proved that laughter can help burn calories in the body and also helps reduce the extra fat in the body. It is said that laughter for 15-20 minutes can burn at least 40 calories.
  • Stand up and walk. Fortunately for those who have to work while standing. Although more tiring, doing activities while standing proven to be good for health. One is the circulation of blood circulation in the body more smoothly. For those of you who must do activity while seated, occasionally try to stand up and walk around for a moment. In addition to eliminating aches and pains, as well as to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.
  • Light exercise. When seated work, can actually light exercise. For example, with moving hands, move your feet, move his head, and so on. So, there is no longer any reason can not exercise because of busy work.

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