Million Benefits Rose Water For Health And Beauty

The benefits of rose water for health and beauty - a rose is the flower emblem of love, a beautiful physical form make this flower became an icon of love. Roses are often used as a tool to express love in the loved ones. But not only as a means to express love alone. But roses have plenty of health benefits and beauty, of course you often hear of rose water, yes water from roses and has a million benefits.

Rose water was first introduced by the Persian nation in the 10th century to the present rose water is often used for medicinal or beauty treatments. Of course we are familiar with rose water, rose water because it is already very popular and used almost all women to do beauty treatments. At the beginning of rose water is used as a food flavoring, but over time, rose water is used as a natural ingredient for beauty.

Currently the rose water is often commercialized and sold in bottles with different sizes in stores beauty. Then apasajakah the benefits of rose water. Here are some of the benefits of rose water for health and beauty.
Million Benefits Rose Water For Health And Beauty

Rose water for health benefits

1. Relieves stress and depression

Rose water has a calming effect the nervous and emotional mind. It makes rosewater powerful sedative used as stress and depression. Rose water will make people calm and relaxed.

2. Healthy digestive system

Rose water will strengthen the digestive tract and stomach lining. It is made with rose water can help remove toxic waste from both within the small intestine and colon.

3. Clean the urinary tract

Tea roses can also cleanse the urinary tract. Gross urinary tract due to toxic nitrogen waste that can increase the risk of UTI, bladder and kidney infections. Well it can be overcome by using rose water.

4. Cure sore throat

Obar use rose water as a mouthwash can cure the symptoms of diseases of the throat. Moreover in this way also can maintain the health of teeth and make the teeth become stronger.

5. Eliminate bad breath

By way of rinsing by using rose water also can eliminate bad breath instantly and quickly. Well the way this is the best solution for those who often have problems with bad breath problem.

6. Troubleshooting bleeding gums or swollen

You can also use rose water to treat bleeding gums or swollen. The trick is to use cotton, cotton dipped in rose water and rub on your gums are sore.

7. Lowering blood pressure

Rose water can improve blood circulation, taking care of the heart, lowers blood pressure, and is able to menyembugkan headaches, asthma and certain infections

8. As an antioxidant

The content of vitamin C in rose water are antioxidants which can protect the body's cells, especially skin cells from the sun or other free radicals.

9. Clean the liver and gall bladder

Rose petals are very efficient in cleaning the gallbladder and liver. as well as help improve sekres bile.

10. Prevent constipation and help you lose weight

Tea roses are also a powerful help overcome constipation and weight loss. The trick is water brewed tea roses using warm water, then you drink the tea roses.

11. Overcoming irritation and swelling of the eye

Rose water acts as a relaxer eye, rose water is ideal to treat your eyes. To do that drops 3 drops of pure rose water on your eyes are sore, but remember to be pure rose water, do not water the roses that have been mixed preservatives or other hazardous materials.

The benefits of rose water for beauty

1. Refreshes skin

The water rose very useful to refresh your skin. This makes the rose water is often used as a skin freshener. Rose water is safe to use for intentionally types of skin, even with rosewater, skin redness will also disappear.

2. Brighten the skin and remove dead skin cells

Vitamins A and E on the water rose very powerful tool to remove dead skin cells and skin health care. Thus, the dead skin cells will be lifted and the skin will be clear also pretty flush. Use rose water to wash your skin to brighten your skin.

3. Overcoming Acne

The water rose very well to deal with acne prone skin. The trick is you basuhkan enough rose water on your skin every morning and night. Rose water is able to overcome inflammation of the skin caused by acne. Addition of rose water will also clean the pores of the skin.

4. Overcoming blackheads

Rose water is able to clean the pores of dirt or dust that clogged. It also wants to make rosewater powerful tool to address blackheads. Blackheads appear because the skin pores are clogged dirt, rose water nah powerful to overcome it.

5. To prevent and combat premature aging

Another benefit of using rose water is to prevent and combat premature aging. Premature aging such as wrinkles, fine lines on the skin is the most frightening specter for women. But you do not need to worry, it can be overcome with rose water. The content of vitamin C in rose water can be an antioxidant and into nutrients that can keep the skin elasitas thus preventing the skin from wrinkles or other signs of aging.

6. Addressing dry skin and moisturize the skin

Naturally rosewater have efficacy for moisturizing the skin. Well if you have dry skin, oily and coarse, you can use rose water to restore the moisture of your skin.

7. Addressing panda eyes or eyelids

Panda eyes or eye bags appear merupaka circumstances where dark circles around the eyes due to eye fatigue. So to overcome this you can use rose water. The trick your eyes with a cotton compress soaked in rose water. This method is very effective to treat eye bags.

8. Overcome skin disease

Skin diseases such as eczema, lezet, scars, dermatitis or can be overcome by using rose water. Rose water will work as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that will make better skin condition.

9. Eliminate dandruff

If you have a problem of dandruff on your hair, rose water could be the best solution to overcome them. The trick is wash your hair or scalp using rosewater, the dandruff will be gone and will not come back again.

10. The hair lengthening

Rose water is not only good for the skin, but also good for hair. Rose water can stimulate the growth of your hair, so for those of you who have short hair and are not confident, use rose water for you usdapkan on your scalp, the hair will grow fast.

11. Maintaining the health and beauty hair

If you have damaged hair problems such as hair branching, loss and so forth. You can use rose water to your hair care. Rose water is very good for maintaining health and beauty hair.

How to make rose water

Rose water is produced as a byproduct in the process of extraction of rose oil, which is a fragrance material that has a relatively high price. Rose water is almost always present in all brands farfum. Pure form of rose extract is also available in the steam distillation of rose petals. But you can make yourself with rose water from the petals of roses. The trick rose petals mix with water in the basin, place it in the sun for a few days and you feel the scent produces. Use rose water as soon as possible before the bacteria or microbes grow.

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