Ageless Tips With Pear Skins

Ageless Tips With Pear Skins
Ageless Tips With Pear Skins - Ageless is the desire of everyone, especially women. But with age, of course everything will be old, including us. Signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines appear and we will experience reduced power. It will usually be seen when we entered the 30s and will be more obvious when we walked in the 40s.

Aging is a life cycle that can not be avoided by anyone. But we can delay aging so we'll look younger though age is not young anymore. In this course a healthy lifestyle and the treatment is very important for you to do as early as possible.

In a healthy lifestyle, you need to avoid things that can cause aging ie avoid smoking, alkohl, staying up late and so forth. You are also advised to avoid eating fatty or fried foods and drink water and eat fruit.

In case you can perform maintenance treatments by using a mask or a skin moisturizer. This is to keep the skin moisture so that the skin elastic and supple. You can use natural materials that exist around us like honey, tomatoes, yam, avocado, milk and so on.

One of the natural ingredients that are highly effective in preventing skin aging by using pears. Pear skin can brighten the skin and make the skin becomes taut and supple. Pear skin contains a lot of fiber which can help produce collagen, the pear is also effective to prevent acne and black spots on the skin so the skin becomes bright and naturally beautiful.

To use the pear skins for skin care is very easy, peel the pears, then grab the skin and the pear skin soak in milk. Skin and puree the pears soaked up into a paste, mix honey and lemon water. Then apply on the skin, leave on for about 30 minutes and rinse with water until clean.

For maximum results, you can use these treatments 2 times a week, but that you are also required to avoid direct sun.

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