Main Causes Oily Skin

Main Causes Oily Skin - Skin produce oil to protect the skin from external hazards such as pollution, dust, dirt and so forth. Besides oil on the skin can also help rejuvenate the skin and make the skin supple and beautiful, without the presence of oil, the skin will easily wrinkles and aging fast.

But the excess oil production will also be a problem for our skin. Yes problem of excess oil on the skin will cause the skin becomes dull and often causing muncilnya acne and various other skin problems. The excess oil on the skin to make skin look shiny and dull. Well that did not happen on your skin, you should avoid the various causes of oily skin.

There are many causes that make the skin produces excess oil. Well in this occasion, we will try to give some information about the causes of oily skin. The following causes oily skin that you must avoid.
Main Causes Oily Skin

1. fatty or fried food

Makana fatty or fried foods is a major cause of skin produces excess oil. Fatty or fried foods contain a lot of oil so that it will increase oil production in the skin, resulting in the skin becomes oily and dull, it also resulted in hair, fatty or fried foods will also cause the hair to become limp and greasy. Besides fried food is also not good for our health.

2. Heredity

Oily skin is also one of the things that is inherited. So if you have oily skin, chances are your parents also have oily skin problems as well. Does not rule out the possibility of parents who have oily skin will be revealed to her.

3. The pattern of unhealthy living

Unhealthy lifestyles besides not good for the body is also not good for skin beauty. Unhealthy lifestyle as often staying up late, smoking, alcohol and rarely exercise will cause oily skin and damage to the skin. Therefore it is important for us to keep a healthy lifestyle for the sake of getting the body healthy and beautiful skin.

4. Hormones are not balanced

When a child enters Puper age, they will usually have oily skin. This is due to the influence of hormones, the condition is common and happens to everyone.

5. Cosmetic

The woman of today is not separated from cosmetics. Yes to support the appearance, cosmetics is a mandatory requirement that must be met. But in having kosmeti also have to be careful, especially now a lot of fake cosmetics appear that can cause a variety of skin problems. Cosmetics are not in accordance with the type of skin can also cause a variety of skin problems one of which is oily.

6. The menstrual cycle

When a woman is menstruating, women will increase the hormone production. This will cause oily skin because the oil glands to produce more oil, this can also lead to the closing of the pores and may cause acne. Therefore, no wonder if the woman is menstruating appeared pimples on her skin.

7. Dead skin cells

The excess oil on the skin is also caused by dead skin cells. Dead skin cells will cause the skin to look dull and dark and oily.

8. Stress

When the body is under stress the body produces the hormone cortisol more than usual. The hormone cortisol is exactly what will cause a variety of skin problems such as oily skin and acne.

9. Weather

The weather is not so influential in the production of oil in the skin. But when the weather is hot, the skin tends to secrete more oil and sweat.

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