Keto Diet Gives Long-Term Impact

Keto Diet Gives Long-Term Impact
Keto Diet Gives Long-Term Impact - One method that is currently popular diets are ketogenic diet or keto. Those who do this diet utilizes high-fat diet, with low carbs. The hope this method can provide long-term benefits for dieters keto.

Nutritionists are graduates of the University of Sydney, Leona Victoria, said that when compared with other methods of diet, ketogenic indeed provide long-term benefits to those who apply it. However, to lower the weight in a short time can not be done with this diet.

"Faster may not (lose weight), when compared with caloric restriction others. But it could be permanent, since undergoing ketogenic diet this should be a change of life, can not yo-yo dieting on or off. So, in the long term be more effective , "said Victoria.

In addition, according to Victoria, there are other benefits of the ketogenic diet is still in the stage of testimony. Some are already outlined in a research paper as well written as 'potential benefits'. Until now, however, no study has actually intended to test the effects of a ketogenic diet.

He reveals, in the group Ketofastosis Indonesia there are some testimonials from members. Like, uric acid disease has been lost, the cancer is gone and so forth.

However, it is just an example of per person. Leona said when examined, can be called uncontrolled. That is, do not know what its origin, other treatment, other drugs, and how do ketogenicnya. So it can still be a lot of testimonies related refractive keto diet.

According to Victoria, the ketogenic diet in addition to providing many benefits also have drawbacks. Namely, lack of antioxidants and fiber, but it is less varied choice. The reason depends on the avocado and coconut products only.

"So to be assisted with green tea, virgin coconut oil and supplement-A supplements," he said.

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