How Drinking Green Tea To Lose Weight

How Drinking Green Tea To Lose Weight
How Drinking Green Tea To Lose Weight - Want to lose weight? You should drink green tea, as shown to increase metabolism which ultimately lose weight.

Most experts say, drink two cups of green tea a day to help with weight loss. For those of you who want to incorporate green tea into their daily diet, here's how you can actually lose weight.

Serve green tea in warm conditions
Green tea with ice usually has a moisture content of more. This is because the ice melts, making green tea is more dilute and diminish the positive effects. So, try drinking warm green tea is more effective to help lose weight.

Choose green tea without preservatives
Make sure you buy green tea without preservatives, so it's really fresh and natural. Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants, so many beneficial to the human body, one of which help you lose weight.

Add a healthy friend
Add a few drops of lemon to green tea in order to effect weight loss is more effective. Naturally, a few drops of lemon are mixed into the green tea helps rid the body of toxins and reduce cholesterol levels.

Fresh green tea
The effectiveness of green tea will deteriorate if you do not drink it in fresh condition. That is, you have to look at the expiration date, at least six months earlier. This is to ensure that drinking green tea is fresh, so it gets the best antioxidant effect.

Changing diet
Green tea really healthy and help in the process of weight loss. However, drinking green tea is not a magic solution to overcome the problem of obesity. So, you have to change your diet and control the number of calories consumed. Make sure that a diet full of fruits and fresh vegetables, as well as reducing calorie foods.

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