Shrinking the stomach without Gym

For those of you who want to lose weight or flatten the stomach, but have limited costs for the gym, Sports Medicine Specialist Physician, Michael Triangto provide an alternative.

According to Michael, to lose weight to shrink the stomach does not have a gym. "That's not the only way, although the gym can be more organized and get results more quickly," said Michael

The trick, Michael continued, namely with a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. Therefore, the exercise will train the muscles are tense. "So, for those who have limited time, space, and money, can do this," he said. Here's the kind of exercise you can indulge in weight to shrink the stomach:

How to do it is a lay body with legs bent and knees pointing up. Place the hands behind the head until the elbow pointing to the right and left sides. Exhale and tighten the abdominal muscles, lifting your head and shoulders upwards. Perform this movement without bending the neck. Take a breath and then slowly lower your shoulders and head up to the starting position.

Reverse Crunch
How to do a Reverse Crunch is to lie with the regular crunch position, but the position of your arms at your sides. Exhale while flex lower abdomen and lift the buttocks and lower back until your thighs touching the chest. Next, take the same breath with the body returns to its original position.

Sit up
Lay the body on the floor and both knees are flexed and legs set down on the floor, then pulled forward against the back of the knee.

push ups
Make the perfect position and slowly.

pull up
In contrast to the push-up, you'll try to pull your weight up, clinging to the bars available in a city park or a ventilation door.

Place both hands on dips bar with shoulder width distance. Then lift your body by contracting the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps simultaneously. When lifting the body, bend your knees towards the rear. Lower your body slowly down with your spine straight, then lift your body back.

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