Identify Common Digestive Disorders In Babies

Identify Common Digestive Disorders In Babies
Identify Common Digestive Disorders In Babies - Digestive health in early life is essential to support optimal infant growth.

Unfortunately, the digestive organs are often exposed to the environment outside the body that can be the gateway entry of foreign substances into the body. This is due to physiological gastrointestinal immature baby.

According to research, one of the two children had at least one digestive disorders. There are three types of digestive disorders that are usually experienced by children, the spit, bloating, and constipation.

Dr. Thomas Ludwig, Principle Scientist of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Danone Nutricia Reserach revealed that many parents have come to the doctor with worry and stress conditions, because the child had indigestion.

"If the baby pencernan disorder, her mother must be stressed. The task of the doctor to appease parents, convinced that it is normal and suggest improvement of nutrition, "he said in a media event workshop Nutricia, 7 greatness stomach at the JW Marriott, Jakarta (23/3).

In line with Dr. Thomas, on the same occasion Dr Badriul Hegar, Ph.D., Sp.A (K), explains that it is very important to give the best nutrition for infants, namely milk. Likewise, when problems arise digestive, breast milk should still be given.

"Nah no milk quality is the same as breast milk. Because milk contains nutrients that can help reduce indigestion. Breast milk contains high lipids and fats that are good for digestion, "said Dr. Hegar of RSCM.

Dr Thomas added, in addition to still breastfeeding, parents should remain calm, avoid cigarette smoke in the house, watching the intake of milk, whether it's the frequency, amount, or the technique of administration.

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