Playing 10 Minutes Lower Risk of Disease on Children

Playing 10 Minutes Lower Risk of Disease on Children
Playing 10 Minutes Lower Risk of Disease on Children - Just 10 minutes of letting children play every day, can help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes later in life. This was disclosed by researchers at Wake Forest University, North Carolina, USA.

According to this latest study, the relatively short physical activity for better health of children. Play can help make children more relaxed also lowers the risk of disease.

The study analyzed data from more than 11,000 children between the ages of four and 18, including 11 international studies in the United States, Brazil and European countries.

The researchers focused on the child's age, gender, level of physical activity and at least one measurable indicators related to cardiometabolic risk.

"These indicators include weight circumference, blood pressure, and blood flow levels of cholesterol 'good', 'bad', triglycerides, glucose and insulin," said the researcher. The researchers then discovered 32 significant association between indicators and physical activity.

"The results showed a mild physical activity as children do when playing could have cardiometabolic benefits," said lead author who is also a professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine, Dr. Justin Moore.

This study strengthens the evidence and studies in April 2016 from McMaster University in Kanada.Para researchers found that playing can improve insulin sensitivity and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Dr Moore said he wanted to do further research with additional variables, such as diet and genetics of data, so that the relationship between the various levels of training and biomarkers of cardiometabolic more visible.

"If the study results are strong, then at least 10 minutes a day is certainly feasible for children to maintain a healthy heart and metabolism," he said.

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