12 Simple Ways, Stay Happy at Work

12 Simple Ways, Stay Happy at Work
When an employee, we are required to always be professional and do what is assigned by superiors. It often makes employees feel stress. In fact, a good performance resulted from feeling happy at work. Here are some ways to always be happy at work.

1. Believing that all will be better than you think

When you experience disappointment, discover other aspects that can make you happy. For example, you fail in performing a task, but the presentation will be able to impress some of the parties present.

2. Use the language of the spirit

The words you use in telephone, email, and the co-workers should have the power to give effect in improving mood and spirit. For this they said positively in any change in employment.

3. Entertain yourself

Make ten points sentence would you give to your friend if they have difficulties or failures. If you experience this, open the list and designated for yourself.

4. Confront complaint with the spirit

Grievances or complaints from clients or employers can make employees feel is not very good. If you can not resolve these problems, it still seemed happy in the eyes of others. Therefore, it is able to maintain a reputation for professionalism to you.

5. Use encouragement secret

Everyone has their own way to improve their mood. Then, when you feel uncomfortable, you can listen to favorite songs, wear good luck charms, and things are possible other less common, but can make you feel better and confident.

6. Rest or play games

If you are in poor condition while at the office, take a few minutes to rest. Then, play the game that you like. It is able to forget for a moment the taste is not the mood inside and make you feel more relaxed.

7. Give praise

Give praise if any of your coworkers were able to score achievements. Someday, if you turn to reach a perstasi, then you will get the same treatment as those of your friends. Therefore, the works of your work will be rewarded well by them.

8. Make coworkers as friends.

Friendship will bring a sense of mutual respect and trust. It is important for labor relations and eventually became the foundation for success. Friendship will create a strong bond, because friends will be sharing a hobby, tells the story of a family, and personal issues.

9. Find a mentor.

Guidance of people judged to have more ability to motivate a person to continue learning. A mentor will also be a role model, which eventually lead a person to be able to match or even exceed his ability.

10. Recognize passion

Knowing the passion in the workplace will make yourself feel a burning passion to work. Get to know what makes the work we do not feel works (saking enjoy it) and how that money is not the purpose of our work. By doing so, we actually know, what makes us feel comfortable.

11. Distribute passion

If the current job does not correspond or be a second passion, the passion to be channeled in another job description. For example, if you work in an insurance company but has a passion within the organization, ask the boss to help social programs in the workplace. Lainnnya example, if you work in the financial industry but love the sport, you can organize futsal league in your office.

12. Find sideline activities

If you can not integrate passion into work, think to pursue it elsewhere. For example, if you are an animal lover, you can spend time at an animal shelter or join a community of animals at the weekend.

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