Position Shows Acne Can Your Health Condition

Position Shows Acne Can Your Health Condition
Position Shows Acne Can Your health condition - Acne is one of the most common skin diseases experienced by anyone, especially those who stepped on puberty. Acne can be described as lumps that grow and develop on the skin when the pores were infected with various causes.

Acne can be painful and various kinds. There is a common acne, rock, juvenile, vulgaris, rosacea, nitrosica, and others. Did you know that acne is growing in some parts of the face can be a sign of certain health problems? Here's his review as quoted from page Boldsky.

1. forehead
If acne is constantly growing in the forehead, it could be a symptom of stress or indigestion which can cause hormonal imbalances.

2. Between eyebrows
Excess eating greasy foods can stimulate the production of sebum in the T face and cause acne to grow between the eyebrows.

3. Cheek
Acne on the cheeks can be a sign of exposure to pollution and dust continuously or lack of skin care. Acne on the cheeks can also signal your blood sugar level may be too high.

4. chin
If the acne grows on the chin, then it could mean you are experiencing hormonal balance disorders, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

5. Area cheekbone
Acne on the lower cheek or cheekbone area can signal lung disorders. Acne in this area typically seen in smokers.

6. Ear
These cases are rare. However, if you see a pimple growing on or around the ear, meaning you have kidney disease and should immediately see a doctor.

7. At the top of the lip
If you see acne growing on the upper lip, it could indicate the potential for heart disease or could also mean there are toxins accumulate in the liver.

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