There are 3 Types Job Seeker, you Where?

There are 3 Types Job Seeker, you Where?
If you currently have quit their jobs and were looking for a new job, it means you are not new in the job search screen. Because, you've had enough to know how the whole process. Or are you really know?

Finding a job is a unique and creative effort. Aphorisms about finding a job that can be used to flog spirit, among others "chase your dreams", "take advantage of your network", or "dress for success". Traditional advice earlier may still apply, but there are other things to be done in finding a job.

In fact, if you ask the professionals about what made them successful in finding the job they want, you will not hear them say things like, "My formal dress very nice, is highly favored by the recruiter". Unless, of course, the person applying as a stylist or editor of a fashion magazine.

Citing affidavits from, there are three categories of job seekers who already have work experience. The first is the type of chaser or someone who is looking for a job to get a promotion or positions with higher pay. The second is the type modifier or someone who seek his fortune in different jobs. And the last is the type of runner or someone who just for hating the boss or the manager before and decided to stop working.

1. The Pursuer
The pursuers is usually ambitious and competitive. They often are the ones that charismatic and dynamic, suited for leadership positions. Many people are looking for this type because they are great thinkers and able to do whatever they think. Type of job seekers experienced like this know what they want and are always looking for other great things. And when the right opportunity comes, the pursuers will not hesitate to jump into a boat carrier opportunities and pursue promotion or raise.

If you think that you are a pursuer, remember this: it is easier to get a promotion from a company where you work today than seek other employment. Even if you get a promotion on the next job, a promotion will accomplish nothing.

Therefore, before thinking of applying for a higher position in the new company, you need to check if it is only short-term solution
from the real problem you're facing. Maybe you need a change order or just being bored will be daily routine.

Or you may feel that the work and talents you underappreciated at work today. Whatever the real reason, just make sure that you are pursuing a new opportunity for the right reasons. If not, you will be stuck in an endless cycle in search of something that will never be found or accomplished.

But if you are really determined to apply for a new job whose salary is high, make sure everything supporting -in other words, the experience, knowledge and relevant expertise as well as a strong set of skills to help you get the job.

2. The Modifiers
Contrary to the pursuer, the type of experienced job seekers have had little clue what she really wants. In fact, the type of modifiers can undergo approximately three to five jobs without knowing their true passion or calling.

Sometimes this type is called a jumper in the work, they are actively pursuing opportunities within the scope of employment and specialization area. Type modifier most adaptable in the world of work. They know how to get involved, be flexible in every situation and appealing because of the complexity and broad scope of skills possessed.

Going from there job to another can smooth your way towards new opportunities, more meaningful, and more satisfying. But often, the problem lies not in finding the right job. The problem actually lies in your inability to mark a career that is really desirable.

If you like to leave a current job and find a new job, try to find a job to be maintained. But more than anything, try to find themselves. Know what you really want and desire disconnect it before spending time searching for a new job.

3. The Runners
Most of them become victims when seeking employment, incompatibility of properties, and the situation is really not fun. Although reasonable error occurs among most experienced job seekers, some mistakes can be more fatal than others.

In this type of runner, conditions of work that often they find, or even individual corporate culture within the company is not suited to their characters, so stop is the only way out.

However, before taking a decision and leave your current job, first ask yourself, "is there a way for me to stay satisfied with my job today?" If only one person that caused all the problems, then try to talk to him. If that does not bring change, try through the appropriate channels such as consultation with the personnel and see what they can do.

But if the problem is widespread and systematic, may be true for you to quit the current job. Still trying to make a record of your work stay well and make sure the transition from old to new jobs will not break anything.

Because, sometimes the temptation to vilify the old company is too difficult to endure. But, it is best to keep your reputation -and the people and things that you leave behind, remain safe and intact. Check back bad memories or make them as lessons.

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