How to Whiten Skin Underarm

On this occasion we will share tips on how to naturally whiten underarm skin with ingredients that are very easy you get, the materials we use to brighten underarm skin is the material that is often used in place of your cooking, Yeah right, the following tips using objects kitchen ingredients that you can racik to whiten and brighten your underarm skin.

Articles tips on how to whiten underarm skin is sourced from Youtube user from channel A iamvanessae remarked that he had underarm white and bright in a natural way.

There are three things that he did to make the skin smooth and dark armpits. These are tips that he shares:

How to Whiten Skin Underarm

Don't use Razors

To remove the fuzz in the armpits, shaving is an easy and practical way. But the delicate underarm shaving will make the outer skin layer is eroded. It could make underarm skin irritation and vulnerable to change color, especially if you wear deodorant immediately after shaving. So throw your shaver, replace it with tweezers. It felt might be a little sore and a little old pull out one by one feather, but the skin surface will not be thinned.

Use Lime Water Instead of Deodorant

One of the causes of black underarm skin is the use of deodorant or antiperspirant continuous. Therefore, iamvanessae suggest that you stop using it. Then how to avoid body odor? Wear lime juice. Besides can make skin brighter, lemon juice can also cope with body odor naturally. It is also healthier than wear deodorant.

Scrub Armpit With Lime Water, Honey and Sugar

To remove dead skin cells in underarm, use of natural materials. Mix 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp lemon juice and sugar to taste. Mix well. When bathing, use the scrub in the armpits. No need to rub hard, just give a gentle massage, because it is very sensitive underarm skin. Rinse and dry your armpits with a clean towel. Do this at least once a week.

So, tips on how to whiten underarm skin naturally article, it is basically a natural treatment is to take some time, you can see the results of skin is clearing up after a month of use. However, due to the natural materials used, then this option is more healthy. Hopefully this article can be useful, thank you !.

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