Effect Of Too often Release Sperm

Who knows that too often we  release sperm, the closer to the negative impact or consequence - as a result we will experience.

Well, maybe some men feel good - just at the time they had sex with their partners regardless of the level of frequency in doing so. But the real thing as it will bring negative impact.

Effect Of Too often Release Sperm
According to the story, for those of you who have intercourse with a partner / spouse will often provide opportunities for you to cepet - quickly obtain a baby. But, if we think - think again true in this case there are some negative points.

Perhaps many people who already know about this, but not a few people who do not know about this. Well, therefore I would like to share info regarding this. Please help to share them with friends to your friends.

Having sex with your wife would be better if it is done within the time interval for 3 days. This will give a chance to the testicles in your body to reproduce and make mature sperm to fertilize an egg on the mother. In addition, if you are too frequent sperm, the sperm loss rate would be even higher. 

As has been observed by experts that if you remove sperm 2 times a day will reduce sperm levels by 29 percent, then if you take it out as much as three times a day will decrease sperm levels as much as 41 percent.

As I said earlier, give pause intervals for 3 days to have intercourse back. Because by giving pause for it, in addition to providing the opportunity for the testes to produce sperm your back, it will also make your own sperm fertility rate maximum. Hmm .. I think that gives a pause of more than three days will make your sperm more more more and more maximal friends. 🙂

As we know that every healthy male sperm will produce as many as 70-150 million sperm every day. And sperm are in the semen, where semen produced during ejaculation is 2-5 ml. Yaa .. If in about - about as much as half to one tablespoon (tablespoon size of the British).

To make mature sperm, it takes 70 days (10 weeks) by the testes to produce sperm. Then to sperm that are ripe to be stored / stored in a special storage, the epididymis (sperm storage reservoirs) for 2 weeks. This epididymis above the testicle.

Hmm .. Already ah talk about sperm. So, how friends, is clear about the sperm? Gratitude - gratitude you can immediately understand the above explanation.

Now it's time I mention a result of too many sperm, pay attention!

As a result of that will be experienced by men who are too often sperm is going to happen imbalance in the psychological and physiological. Then we will see the effects - effects experienced by people such as:

  • Easily tired
  • Back pain at the bottom
  • The hair will fall out
  • Erection becomes weaker
  • Will experience premature ejaculation
  • Blurred vision
  • Will feel pain in the groin / testis
  • Feels pain in the pelvic cavity
  • Will experience depression
  • Making less than the maximum memory

Well, that's some of the consequences that will be experienced by people - people who are too often put out his sperm. So, the conclusion I suggest you give a time-out for 3 days prior to performing an intimate relationship with a partner / wife. In order for the sperm they produce will be maximal.

Then, for a man who already has a lifespan of over 30 years should be 2 times a week is a great time to ejaculation. And for men who are already aged 50 or over, do as much as 1 times a week.

However, for men who are young should also do as much as 2-3 times a day. Because the body condition is still okay, so do ejaculation as much as 2- 3 times in a single day would not be what it is - nothing. It's just that I suggest that it should be used as benchmarks. Because, it is limited to scientific observation. Not necessarily everyone has a maximum endurance.

Well, that's what friends are frequency consequently sperm.

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