Streets to the world using Bitcoin, is it possible?

Streets to the world using Bitcoin, is it possible?
The above questions actually depends on yourself. Are you already fully committed to living only with Bitcoin? Traveled around the world using Bitcoin is not impossible, but it may also not an easy thing to do since Bitcoin itself he was only 8 years old and still a little less popular than cash or credit cards.

Then the question is, if indeed traveled using Bitcoin was difficult, why should I pay with Bitcoin? Let's talk a little about the advantages traveled using Bitcoin than cash or credit cards.

Goodbye, Money Changer

Currency differences that we have with the currency of the country that we visit can sometimes be a burden. First, sometimes we often encounter bad luck where the money changer that we visit give rate / exchange rate is very poor, so it can be cut even up to 10% of the value of our currency. Secondly, there are many self-styled Money Changer that do not have official permission from the government which is certainly at risk when you transact there. Thirdly, there is rarely Money Changer is open 24 hours for a full week. What if, in an emergency, you need to exchange your money? With Bitcoin, you can say goodbye to Money Changer for Bitcoin is a currency that is valid in almost all countries in the world. For example merchant where you shop does not accept Bitcoin, you can go to the nearest Bitcoin Exchange was average operating 24 x 7 x 365 (yes, even on a day off, even!).

Goodbye, Pocket Thieves

To carry cash in your bag can be very dangerous when you travel to countries that are famous prone to violent crimes such as the theft of money or other valuables. In contrast to Bitcoin, cash has a physical form which will need a special place to hold them. When you are getting a lot of cash, and the thicker your wallet, you are an easy target of pickpockets. Bitcoin simply offering a high level of security that can keep you calm when traveling. You can save your Bitcoin in the smartphone you carry, and even if your smartphone was stolen, you can easily access your Bitcoin via the device / device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone you are backing different during your Bitcoin wallet fine. Thieves now have your smartphone was not likely to take your Bitcoin Bitcoin wallet since you are guarded by multiple layers of security anti-hack. To find out more about how to secure your Bitcoin wallet.

Goodbye, 3% Charge

Do you often feel annoyed when they wanted to pay by credit card, the merchant asked, "For payment by credit card, you will we charge a charge of 3%, if that's okay?" When you shop in small amounts, maybe you will not be matter, but in a different case when you shop above 10 million Rupiah using a credit card. You're charged at least 300ribu amount per transaction! In contrast to credit cards, payment or sending money with Bitcoin only charged a fee sebesarnya 0.0001 - 0.0005 BTC for the miners. If converted, 0.0001 - 0.0005 BTC equivalent to USD 500-5000 per transaction, no matter how much money is sent or how much your grocery bill.

You have Become much cooler and more futuristic than ever!

Paying with cash is now starting to change into something somewhat old-fashioned and traditional. Paying by credit card might make you look cool and classy couple of years ago, but now there are already millions of people in the world who do. Pay with Bitcoin? Now this is such a special way! Although there are merchants that accept Bitcoin giants such as Microsoft, Dell, Rakuten and Overstock, Bitcoin has not been as popular as credit cards to be used by the general public. When you use Bitcoin, you can boast about yourself as someone who update technology. Now you do not have to pay a premium to buy an iPhone 7 to be someone who is cool and futuristic. Simply download the Bitcoin wallet application on the smartphone 'old' and try to shop using Bitcoin at a nearby merchant who receives it. Surely everyone will be amazed when you pay attention.

So, is it possible to travel the world only with Bitcoin?

Of course! Now Bitcoin can be used to buy (almost) everything in the world including personal satellite into space until the tickets. To travel abroad, you can buy plane tickets with Bitcoin at sites such renowned CheapAir, or a travel agent which specifically serve ticket purchases with Bitcoin as aBitSky. Company travel agents such as Expedia and Destinia giant could also serve the purchase of air tickets you can also help you make reservations at your favorite hotel. They also provide car rental service for your transportation needs in the city. If you choose to ride public transportation, there are plenty of taxis that can be paid with Bitcoin as in Budapest, Malaysia, and even now in Argentina, Uber can also be paid with Bitcoin.

When viewed in, there are now thousands of merchants scattered across the globe to help meet your daily needs. Ranging from five-star restaurant in Ubud, Bali, supermarkets in the Netherlands, until the cupcakes shop in San Francisco, all can be paid for with Bitcoin. You can live just capitalize Bitcoin in various countries, including buying souvenirs and luxury goods with Bitcoin like wine, paintings, watches and cars. In Indonesia, the list of merchants who accept payment in Bitcoin Bitcoin can be seen in the directory or in

Everything can be done, as long as you are willing to try. Do you dare to start living and traveled only using Bitcoin alone?

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