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Basic Techniques Trade Bitcoin order Always Profit

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Through this article I want a little give basic tips and tricks that can be used by Bitcoiners in profit in the trade Bitcoin!

Note to players Forex

Many traders who previously forex trader Bitcoin bit of confusion when first trying to participate in the market Bitcoin.co.id. Bitcoin Trading was very different from forex trading because of term despite the different ways of trading. If we know of forex 2nd term: Long and Short. Long'll target price rose to make a profit and Short'll target price down to earn a profit.

While in the Bitcoin trading was much more like buying and selling goods online that is the BUY and SELL. BUY means to actually buy goods such as Bitcoin and SELL means to actually sell goods such as Bitcoin. A simple so that profit is the sale price minus the purchase price. So there is no term Margin Call and PIP in Bitcoin trading. Selling their goods profit or loss.

Small note # 1 Forex and Bitcoin was not the same - do not be enforced.


In trade Bitcoin we should have a goal to avoid confusion, because sometimes beginners especially Bitcoiner Idealists often confused to collect Bitcoin or even pursue a profit in selling Bitcoin. If you've decided to become a Trader Bitcoin so sorry you have to bury your soul Idealists Bitcoiner deeply. Remember we are here to collect rupiah difference results not buy and sell goods such as Bitcoin.

Small note # 2 Holding Bitcoin means you're holding the goods to be sold

Small note # 3 Hold Rupiah means're looking for the best position to buy merchandise


Positive market conditions means that there is a tendency Bitcoin prices continue to rise throughout the day. For example this morning the price of 3,700,000, 3,800,000 next few hours later 4.1 million and so on. In this condition tend to be easy Bitcoin trading. Why ? because you can buy in cheap and sell at prices slightly higher than the purchase price. Just enjoy the profit to rise eventually market is already saturated, then you should stop buying and wait for prices to come back down.

Small note # 4 Do not be greedy determining sales targets, for own profit then familiarize themselves to be satisfied and do not try to sell at prices that do not make sense unless you are absolutely sure.


Well this is the most feared Bitcoin traders. What if prices are likely to continue to fall? This morning 4.2 million, 4.1 million a few hours later, a few more hours 4,000,000? If you try to buy and then try to sell at a price higher than the purchase price before going to certainly be a loss because no one wants to buy your Bitcoin far above the market price unless the buyer who really are in need of it. Remember buyers also are smart people who know how much worth the purchase price when buying.

But market conditions are likely to go down if we are actually quite SMART has its advantages.


Stagnant market conditions tend to be boring, but it has the distinct advantage for small and medium traders. Why ? because the prices are very predictable! Simply attach the net in the low purchase price and the selling price slightly above the purchase price, the advantage in getting. Repeat every hour. Bitcoin market tends to like to play ping pong - tick tock tick tock tick tock. Each tick tock it is the sound of your profit.

Small note # 6 Listen to the tik tok tik tok during stagnant market smiling


Estimating the market price for the forex pemaen are accustomed to reading charts intricate figures is easy, but what about us as a regular trader? Do not get discouraged let's use some of these indicators to help us

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