Easy Ways to Get Free Bitcoin (So Simple)

Easy Ways to Get Free Bitcoin (So Simple)
Bitcoin is a new online business opportunities are much in demand, but before I discuss How to Get Free Bitcoin? there may be good to see my previous posting about What is bitcoin, and bitcoin wallet How can I make as a place to store your free bitcoin. Or commonly abbreviated as BTC Bitcoin is a virtual currency that are quite expensive and popular today.

Although the price is expensive but it is possible to obtain bitcoin must pay. To get bitcoin there are several ways, namely through the site free bitcoin, bitcoin mining (mining bitcoin), trading (trade bitcoin), bitcoin gaming, investment bitcoin (bitcoin investment), business online bitcoin and others.

In this article I will provide information to obtain bitcoin easily without having to mine using specific hardware or software but through the web for free bitcoin.

Some websites offer a program where you can get a free bitcoin when performing multiple tasks and proven to pay.

  • A-ads.com - earn bitcoin by placing ads on your website / blog.
  • CoinURL.com - earn bitcoin by placing ads on your website / blog.
  • Coinad.com - enter the captcha 1 hours
  • dailybitcoin.org - includes a once-daily captcha
  • bithits.info - once daily
  • cointicket.org - enter the captcha
  • coinadvert.net

How, is not getting a free bitcoin? Yes, you can visit the websites of the free bitcoin any time whenever you want to get a free bitcoin.

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