Huawei Mobile Boost Marketing with Entry Level

Huawei Mobile Boost Marketing with Entry Level
Huawei is eager to break the local mobile market with entry-level products. The desire is evidenced by the launch of Y3 II LTE, Huawei 4G phones that cost $ 1 million.

The Shenzhen-based company took Telkomsel to deliver packages bundling Internet access with special offers.

Lo King Seng, Sales Director of Huawei Devices Indonesia, confirmed that the entry-level product Huawei has become their target to complete our line of Huawei mobile phones in Indonesia. Moreover, he explained contributions Huawei entry-level products in the country in numbers ranging from 40-50 percent.

"We'll see, the largest segment of consumers in Indonesia was in the price of USD 1-2 million. Hence, Y3 II LTE considered sufficient to maximize the sales potential of Huawei," Seng said when met after the launch of Techno Y3 II in Huawei LTE Innovation Center , Jakarta, Thursday (03/11/2016).
"The presence of Y3 II LTE and Y6 II LTE also helped enliven the moments of high festive at the end of this year, many who want to buy a new phone, but they need at reasonable prices with a 4G connection. Therefore we want to take a moment to penetrate this huge market, "said Seng.

Cooperation Huawei and Telkomsel, viewed Seng, equally beneficial. For Huawei, of course they get an additional unit sales volume. While Telkomsel will get a surge of migration from 2G / 3G to 4G.

When asked a sales target Y3 II LTE, Seng did not answer. He just explained Huawei is targeting an increase of the number of sales growth double Y3. He also did not respond to a matter of total sales in Indonesia Y3 series.

"By maximizing the sales potential entry level, Huawei wants to go forward as a new choice for consumers in Indonesia. We admit, there had been other brands were first popular. In fact, in the world we have occupied the number three," said Seng.

Unfortunately, Seng did not disclose how the position of Huawei in Indonesia, given the still occupied the top three Samsung, Oppo, and Asus. The data cited is based on second-quarter report released by IDC some time ago.

"We want to grow in that direction. Just wait, "said Seng.

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