More than half, people in World have a Facebook (FB) account!

The number of monthly active users Facebook continues to increase. Figures disclosed in its latest financial report yesterday in the range of 2 November 1.79 billion, up 17 percent from the same quarter a year earlier.

Meanwhile, monitor Internet sites Live Stats record the number of Internet users worldwide is 3.42 billion.

That is, as outlined of Quartz, Thursday (11/03/2016), more than half the population of people from the virtual world (52 percent) have a Facebook account that is accessed at least once a month (monthly active users).

Figures Facebook daily active users who access social networks every day now reached 1.18 billion, also up 17 percent from a year ago. Of this amount, 1.09 billion of which access Facebook from a mobile device.

Facebook is making efforts to continue to boost the number of users. The company, for instance, encourage adoption Messenger instant messaging platform, Virtual Reality, as well as photos and live video.

Facebook even do other initiatives such as free internet program Free Basics (formerly Internet.og) that provides access to the site, also developed drone technology spreader internet.

Moreover, the global Internet penetration continues to increase driven mobile devices cheap as a main accessor. This new internet users, among other things, targeted Facebook via Free Basics.

If this growth trend continues, it is not likely Facebook will be "transformed" into an "internet" and the internet can not be separated from Facebook.


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