What do you still face acne? Read These 7 Tips And trick Preventing Acne

What do you still face acne? Read These 7 Tips And trick Preventing Acne
What do you still face acne? Read These 7 Tips And trick Preventing Acne - Every person would want to have a face that is clean and free from various skin problems such as acne, blackheads and other skin problems.

If not performed a precautionary measure, it could be acne arise from activity factors, stress and consumption of foods that do everyday, so that trigger acne can ruin the appearance of your face.

Facial skin needs good care and be careful, do not arise acne.

One way to reduce the risk of acne by avoiding greasy foods.

In addition, there are many tips and other ways that you can do to keep your skin from acne can be avoided.

1. Do not use the same rag twice.
"You will only transfer the bacteria back into your skin," said assistant professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Debra Jaliman, as reported by the page Today, Sunday (18/9).

2. Sleep with a clean pillowcase.
Dirt, dust and oil from the hair gathered on your pillowcase. And pillowcases you become a breeding ground for bacteria. Changing pillowcases at least once a week.

3. Remote TV.
TV Remote rich in bacteria that can be easily transferred to the fingers and then to your face, so the risk of acne. Wash your hands after handling the TV remote.

4. Snacking midnight.
Eating candy or sweet cocktail before bed can increase blood sugar levels and cause inflammation such as acne. It also can increase energy levels and affect your sleep.

The less sleep, the more your body releases glucocorticoids, steroids that can aggravate acne.

5. Switch to the salicylic acid-based cleanser week before your period or menstrual period.
The surge of hormones can place a week before the period of increased oil glands resulting in acne prone skin.

Therefore, switching to salicylic acid-based cleanser to help reduce excess oil. Let your face for a minute.

6. Sleep on your back.
Sleep sideways allows the oil from your hair to make contact with the skin can cause acne.

Instead, why not try to sleep on her back with her hair pulled away from your face using a headband or hair tie.
Elevate your head with some pillows to reduce the effects of puffy eyes in the morning and prevent crinkles (aka sleep lines).

7. Do not put your phone on the bed.
The bacteria are found on the phone can put your skin at risk of acne, especially around the mouth and cheeks.

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