Married, You Can Be Spared From Diabetes

Married, You Can Be Spared From Diabetes
Married, You Can Be Spared From Diabetes - Getting married is not only as a binding relationship between a man and a woman who love each other to form a family.

However, getting married can also be a good idea for those of you who want to overcome or even reduce the risk of diabetes. It is as revealed by researchers from the Yokohama City University Graduate School and Chigasaki Municipal Hospital.

In a study presented at a scientific meeting on diabetes in Germany, they found that patients who got married 50 per cent lower risk of overweight than those who are single.

Then, the male diabetics who are married also had a lower risk of metabolic syndrome. This syndrome is usually culminate heart disease and stroke.

These findings come after researchers examined the medical records of 270 patients with type two diabetes from 2010 to 2016. Of that number, 180 people are married and living with pasangannya-- 109 men and 71 women. While the remaining 91 were single (46 male and 44 female).

Those who are married have a body mass index recorded an average lower (24.5) than patients with diabetes who are single (26.5).

As well as their blood sugar numbers. Patients who no longer have a single lower blood sugar levels than those who were not married.

Researchers also found the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, those who had been married about 54 percent lower than those who still own the 68 percent.

Especially for men who are married, your risk of metabolic syndrome, 58 percent lower than single men. As for women, there has been no finding that could prove this. Similarly, as reported by Medical Daily.

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