Smartphone Google Pixel Accidental 'Leak' Through Advertising?

Smartphone Google Pixel Accidental 'Leak' Through Advertising?
Amsterdam - Google predicted to show off its latest smartphone in a matter of a few weeks.

However it seems the search giant 'cheated'. Therefore, an ad that aired through local TV in the Netherlands recently inadvertently showed smartphone is believed to be Pixel.

Yes, Pixel is Google's latest smartphone that will be released this year. There are no Nexus series again, as has been previously communicated.

To ascertain whether the smartphone is used through advertising these devices really Pixel, Android Police page on Thursday (09/22/2016) comparing smartphone smartphone version of the ad with a photo of what they believe is Pixel.

Once paired, the smartphone is believed as Pixel. Moreover, even the exact same body design, clad material with accents of white metal unibody.

For your information, Google reportedly Pixel will come in two versions in which already embedded processor with 820 Snapdragon chipset, 4GB of RAM and Android 7.1 OS.

Just like the Nexus series before, Google joins smartphone vendors to produce Pixel. This time, HTC lined up as a new partner for the two phones.

The presence of these two smartphones have received confirmation from the Global Certification Forum (GCF). Both will slide in two versions, for the US market (US) and International.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no confirmation on when the time of its release. But earlier this month, a report said that Google Pixel will be announced on October 4, 2016.

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