Don't Want Death, 2 WN Chinese Appeals Proposing

Don't Want Death, 2 WN Chinese Appeals Proposing
West Jakarta District Court (PN Jakbar) to decide the death penalty against two Chinese WN Hezhang Li Li Fuzhang and smugglers 20 Kg Sabu to Indonesia. Both defendants were not received by the verdict and immediately appealed.

"Both defendants have the right attitude on court rulings," said chairman of the judges, Muhammad Taufik Tatas Prihatyano in the trial in the courtroom wirjono prodjodikoro PN West Jakarta, Jl S Parman, Thursday (09/22/2016).

Without thinking, after consultation with legal counsel. Both defendants also appealed the decision of the judges.

"Over the verdict, both defendants appeal," said Gunawan translator Hezhang Li and Li Fuzhang.

Muhammad Taufik said that the attitude of the two defendants appeal. The decision of the court the two defendants do not have binding legal force.

"Because the defendant stated appeal, this Pekara not have the force of law and the trial was over, the hearing is closed," he said.

Separately attorney of the two defendants, Dofir Rompas said an appeal is taken because there are several points of consideration that is not seen a judge. Both klientnya deemed not know the items received from China were narcotics.

"From the Chinese are only required by Che Laufan to rent a shop and do the work of trading spare part is not a drug. And our client never asked to bring narcotics from China," said Dofir.

Dofir also said in a second consider that his client is not described as the consignee. Because both were just handed the receipt of cargo packages have been signed by someone else.

"The judges also said they took the goods, and in fact they were never unloaded, the lower the expedition employees. They are not the owner or user," he explained

While the Prosecution, Mardiana Yolanda Silaen said decision of the judges have the appropriate prosecution. It also prepared an appeal against the defendant.

"The defendant appeals the stew we also appeal," said Mardiana. (detikcom)

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