Why People Marry More Slim, than Single?

Why People Marry More Slim, than Single?
Why People Marry More Slim, than Single? - Recent studies have stated that getting married can help you stay slim. The study also found that people who are single are two times more likely to experience the problem of excess weight than those who were married.

The researchers, from the Yokohama City University in Japan, found that married men tend to be less at risk of developing metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity damage arteries.

The experts, who presented their findings at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes says that living with a husband or wife is a form of social support the most fundamental.

Reporting from Dailymail, Monday (09/19/2016), doctors have long known that being married helps people stay healthy. Experts think that the people who are in married relationships are more likely to eat healthy and go to the doctor if they are sick.

Scientists studied 270 people with type 2 diabetes in which the average age was 65 years. Some 180 people have been married and 90 single. They measured the height and weight, body mass index, and fat content in the body of research subjects.

Compared with the singles group, the group married 50 per cent less likely to become obese. They also have a fat content ranging from 18.9kg compared with 23.5kg overall in their bodies.

Married men are also 58 percent less likely to develop metabolic syndrome than single men, although the same difference was not found for women. Married men have a 58 percent lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

"On the contrary, being single is a natural risk factor for overweight and the metabolic syndrome, especially among men. Supportive care was needed to help the single patient with type two diabetes manage their weight, "said study leader, Dr. Yoshinobu Kondo.

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