Efficacy Olive Oil for Beauty

Efficacy Olive Oil for Beauty
One type of oil that is rich in benefits is olive oil. Not only is consumed, olive oil is also beneficial for health and beauty.

Here are the benefits would you get if you use olive oil for treatment.

Not Clog Pori
The olive oil moisturizes the skin function was not clog pores like a moisturizer that is made from the plant. Try using olive oil instead of night cream.

Simply take 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the face and neck. Allow a few moments so the oil soak into the skin.

property antioxidants
The content of the antioxidant vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols found in olive oil. So if you often use olive oil, your skin will be protected and will not be affected by premature aging. While the content of vitamin E can restore softness of the skin and protect from exposure to direct sunlight.

Refiner natural makeup
There have been many who make olive oil as a natural ingredient to remove makeup. The natural ingredients contained in olive oil, in addition to eliminating makeup can also make the skin becomes moist. Not only that, olive oil can also be used as a substitute for a face mask you.

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