Places Of Interest In Cirebon

Tourism Of West Java In Cirebon (Cirebon Travel Guide), Geography: it is five metres above sea level with temperature of 28 celcius, and its rainfall is 2032 mm. Per year or 98 mm daily.

Point of interest/places of interest
historical inheritance
as the firs centre of spreading out the islam religion in west java. Remains of islamic culture can be found, among others:

keraton sultan kasepuhan: formerly it was a place for gathering and various activities.
Restoration was made in 1928 by Gn. Koopan as the architect and hoofd van den gudheik undigen decust as the adviser. Some of the places being retored namely:
- sitinggil.
- malang sumirang, a court room for sultan.
- pendawa lima, a sybol of islam teachings.
- a place for gamelan sekati.
- penduduk sulba.
- semar tinandu, a symbol of confession of faith in islam.
- Bangsal: pendopo pringgodani, pendopo bangsal, emper bangsal.

All things belonged to sultan have been well maintained in a moderate building called a museum.

Mesjid agung (Grand Mosque) : built in 1498 by raden sepet as the architect from majapahit. It is located nearby keraton kasepuhan to the west.

Keraton kanoman (Kanoman Palace)
the palace had been built by panembahan geriya, 12 years before the power of cirebon divided into two territories; kesultanan kasepuhan and kesultanan kanoman.

Religious and Traditional Ceremonies

Ceremony of panjang jimat.
Place: keraton kanoman, keraton kasepuhan, keraton kacirebonan.

The performance of ceremony:
Panjang: it means that the ceremony is continually held every year.
Jimat : it is meant for worship in connection with commemorating prophet muhamad. (Maulid).

Maulid is held at keraton kasepuhan assisted by priests of keraton kasepuhan, and relatives of sultan every 12 rabiul awal (islamic calender).
The ceremony then moves to bangsal keraotn and to langgar agung keraton kasepuhan.

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