Ceremony Of Panjang Jimat At Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon

Some explaination of the ceremony of panjang jimat at Keraton Kasepuhan. Ceremony of panjang jimat is held on 12th rabiul awal at night by officers of sultan sepuh (keraton kasepuhan). Offerings consisting of nasi tumpeng/nasi rosul (steamed rice) of seven types put on a very big plate. The officers Ny penghulu keraton and nyi kaum are charged with the performance in preparing the offerings, witnessed by ratu dalem.

Other officer ny kotib agung is supposed to choose food prepared in gedung prabajaksa to the north of gedung bangsal dalem pringgandhani to the north of prabayaksa, are also offered to the guests or invitees.
There are 28 kaum (persons called in kesultanan) sitting with crossing legs to the west at bangsal wari wong.

After the ceremony ends, Sri sultan sepuh with his wife, prameswari ratu ayu appear with luxurious full dresses to receive the guests.

Attributes used at the ceremony of panjang jimat namely:
a. Some candles are put on certain places.
b. Two manggaran, two negan and two jantungan.
c. The water of roses and two big bottles.
d. Kembang Goyah (artificial flowers).
e. Two napkins and two other bottles.
f. Boreh.
g. Tumpeng (steamed rice).
h. Anjak anggur coming out from the doors of dalem pringgandani to the west.
i. Four dongdang containing warious kinds of food carried to ketritisan jinem.

At 21.00 the officers ask the sultan for permission that panjang jimat will soon be commenced followed by penghulu.

The meaning of kereta panjang jimat keraton kasepuhan.
Maulid of the great prophet muhamad means to commemorate the birth of prophet muhamad on 12th rabiul awal.

The meaning of other terms used in ceremony.

1. A kepel =
2. A man takes a spear means ki abdulah departs to look for a midwife, and the spear is intended to take care of himself.
3. A man take a torch means to help in the dark at night.
4. Rengrengan Ceremony with two mengarang, two negara and two jantungan means the symbol of greatness.
5. A woman called my. Chotib agung means a midwife.
6. A woman called ny. Penghulu means to describes siti aminah who was going to give birth.
7. The water of roses = kakang ke kawah
8. Penghulu or sultan = describing a pure baby.
9. 7 panjang jimat in a good row = there are seven day namely monday, sunday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday that everyone was born on one of these seven days.
10. The one who brings kembang goyah 5 baki = navel string of baby.
11. Pembawa serba two kong and two glasses and 10 bottles = adi getih.
12. Boreh four plates = symbol of equipment.
13. The ones who bring nasi tumpeng jeneng = symbol of giving a name to the baby.
14. a. 4 panggung.
      b. 4 dongdang.
      A and b can be considered as the life of powerful man.
      A. Symbolized elements of human body consisting of various essences considered as human spirit.
15. Recitation of maulud asrakal is then read out when the procession start entering langgar agung.
A. Food and things to be given to sri sultan sepuh:
2 panjang, 2 tumpeng, 2 kembang goyah put in trays, 10 bottoles of serbab (a kind of beer, 2 candles, 2 pas ombok, 2 ancak, contain cakes, and 10 sorts of food).
B. 1panjang sentana wargi.
C. 1 panjang for sentana nayaka/sengkang.
D. 2 panjang for kemantren brought to pangada.

NOTES: At a keraton a woman describing a midwife and a woman who is going to bear are not performed.
1. Since sultan eyang.
2. At midnight panjang jimat return to keraton followed by a ceremony via kabupaten and finally the whole ceremony is over.

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