Tourist Objects The Royal Palace Of Bogor

Founded in 1745 by a dutch governor general Mr. G.W.Baron Van Imhoff and named at the begining "Builtenzorg". (out of quandery), accommodated as a bungalow, that was intended to get rid of busy activites in jakarta. Then the name of this building gradually covered its surroundings and later became a big palace called "Istana Bogor". At the same time the palace and its complex became the royal place of the president of the republic of indonesian taken care of by 150 staff. The condition of the building inside as follow;

the mail hall consists of a private roffice of the president of the republic of indonesia, a library, a dining room, a meeting room for ministers and a room for documentary films. Garuda terrace is used for ofical ceremonies and teratai terrance of reception. On the right side is special room for president's family connected with other rooms. The other right and left rooms are provided for high rangking guests, heads of states, and ministers.

A pavilion on the side of the palance has also the same condition as in the palace.
A special building for week ends was built in 1964 called "Diah Bayurini". there are about 219 paintings and a collection of 136 sculptures. the crown lamps hanging on the wall are gifts from italy and chechoslovakia. All furniture in the place is of originally indonesian made.
in the yard there about 150 stags or spotted dears.

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