Tourism Of Bogor Regency

Bogor Municipality : Two riversflow through the city and its vicinity; ciliwung and is around 3.500 mm each year.

The people are much influence by jakarta in the way of earning living, even many of them work in jakarta. Bogor is located between jakarta and bandung and other cities in west java to the east and south.

Tourist Objects Historical Inheritange
a. Bogor's Botanical Garden
 bogor's botanical garden not only makes the city wellknow abroad but also the city itself can not be separated from this famous garden. This internationally wellknown garden has become an inportant research center for scientists from many countries.

It covers and area of 111 hectares, pleasant and romantic atmosphere for both foreign and domestic tourists who happen to visit this wonderful place which is used to be called "kebun jodoh" (the garden of couples). This garden was founded in 1817 and it can not be separated from the efforts of Prof. G. Reinwardt, Director of department of agriculture, arts and sciences.

Another interesting thing in the botanical garden is a monument built by raffles for Olivia his beloved wife who died in 1814 on which a verse was carved of which the last word are as follow: "I'II never forget you, though the bruel fate makes us separated" many people thought that the monument was the grave of raffles's wife, but actually it was located in tanah abang kober (Tanah abang 1) jakarta.

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