Beauty Arts And Sciences at The Bogor

Herbarium: institute of agriculture (Bibliotheka Bogorienesis) Herbarium is a place for storing various kinds of dried leavels, flowers and fruit come from different places of indonesia as well as overseas countries.

Many Collection came from J.E. Teysmann's collection who was charged withthe garden and from many other place throughout indonesia and foreiegn countries. a number of herbariums which have alike characteristics in overseas countries such as: in berlin, leningrad, kopenhagen, wine, melbrourne, Calcuta.

Museum Zoologicum Bogoriensis an interesting visit in bogor is the museum in which preserved animal of various kinds being kept. People called this building Gedung Bulao (The Blue Building), located very close to the Garden. It was enstablished in 1894 by. Dr. Koningsberger.

Visitors can see a lot of different kinds of preserved animals kept in long glass cupboards. The scenery in it is made in such a way that looks exactly the same as in their natural state. Among which depict the state of ujung kulon sanctuary, and pulau dua (the birds sanctuary). In other part of the museun there is a preserved rhinoceros tht was last found in priangan area. Its weight is about 2.280 kgs. Come  from sindangkerta southwest of bandung. Many diferen kinds of insects whith their characteristicts are also dislayed in the museum.

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