Beauty Art Of Lebak Regency

Art: the important arts come from baduy society; angklung and dodog lojor. Angklungs from baduy are of unique distinction from those of priangan. The are only nine angklungs called indung gede, lengkung, gujung sengklok, indung leutik and torolak roel. These are also called rawayan angklung. This performance is usualy played together whit dogdog lojor. Baduy dalam (inner baduy) ase angklungs as instruments for religious ceremonies such as wedding ceremony and circumcision ceremony.

Pleaces Of Interest (Tourist Objects)
and isolated area in west java where the people develop their specific tradition including culture and art. They are decendents of their ancestors who constantly refused to folow islamic teaching and foreign culture. The government has taken some efforts to civilize them but only baduy luar (outeq baduy) can be successful so far.
Art Festival. Pasanggiri ngadu bedug (Drum Competition) held in town square every september.

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