Sukabumi Regency

Sukabumi Regency it covers a mountainous area to the north and lowlands to the south. The temperature is 20 - 30 celcius with rainfall of 3000mm each year. Most of its people are farmers and fishermen. The roads to interesting places area fairly good.

UPACARA SEREN TAHUN (Thanks giving ceremony harvesting feast) a small village called buhun is a village with its own strong tradition, called sirna rasa. The ceremony usually took place at sirna resmi but today it is held at the centre of festive ceremony at ciganas village cisolok subdistrict sukabumi regency.

The last event took place on juni 1976 where the regent oft sukamubi regency officially changed the name of ciganas village and became sirna rasa meaning that sirna is peaceful or trangquil and rasa is a feeling.

From that time on sirna rasa will be a permanent place for such ceremonies. This year the ceremony will be held on 13th of june at pelabuhan ratu beach approximately 18 kms to the north via estate roads, near pasir badak and sanghyang.

This feast in intended to celebrate the harvest time supported by old people who still have strong and Traditional belief of their own. The ceremony itself usually takes for 3 days and nights.
Another ceremony is the time of carrying paddy (rice) from sheds accommpanied with various kind of music such as; angklung, debus, pantuan and tutunggulan, ketuk tilu (traditional dance), self defence, and all night wood puppet performance, even visitors can have the opportunity to take part in this ceremony, so that the atmosphere becomes more interesting and joyful.

Mintebeyan ceremony: held before the harvest time with different styles, usually in the moon light time.

Thanks giving ceremony (Festival of fishermen) : held on 6th april at pelabuhan ratu.
This ceremony offer heads of buffaloes, goats, and other offerings to the queen of the ocean.
Finally various performances and games are held as the end of ceremony.

Turun mayang ceremony: the ceremony of making and using a boat for the first time.

Pelabuhan ratu beach: most of the whole beach resorts have incredibly beautiful sceneries and good for beach recreation. It is about 65 kms. From sukabumi to the south. Many hotels, bungalows, inns and restaurants and some places for relaxation along the beach.

Karang hawu beach : approximately 5 kms from samudra beach hotel to the west. The beach rocky but the scenery around it is beautiful. It is very much visited by tourists during holidays.

Cinapas Cisolok : what interest visitor best are geysers of 7 - 10 meters high. There are six big one by the bank of cikampek river besides the other small ones. This place is undertaken in a simple way.

It is about 15 kms from pelabuhan ratu to the west and can easily be reached by bus, taxi and other vechicles. The geysers can be reached either on foot for about 2 kms or by other road passing slopes about 4 kms. A villa with six rooms is available for visitor to loadge.

Situ Gunung : a very interesting place for recreation before the war. This place one to be most visited by foreign contractor. The remains still exist now such as swimming pool. Tennis court, and restaurant along the lake of approximately 10 square hectares. At present it is now used for fishing. The distance is about 18 Kms from sukabumi or 13 kms. From cisaat.

Pulau air swimming pool : located at pasekon village not so far from the wellknown nice restaurant.
The swimming pool belongs to the restaurant owner. It cover an area of 1.000 square metres. The scenery around it is very lovely where many fountainers water ponds and swimming pool. Bar and restaurant serve specific sundanese food. There is also a stage for performances.

Handicraft : sukabumi is famous for it home industry. Precious stones for rings and other  ornaments are for sale and they are sold to visitors. Various kinds of souvenir made from horns of buffaloes are also wellknown products. Golok (a short sword) from cibatu is not as popular as golok from ciomas banten but it is fairly appreciated by those who want golok of good quality.

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