Bogor Recreation And Natural Beauty

Bogor many store a variety of beauty, here below is a Recreation and Natural Beauty in Bogor regency
Telaga Warna: (the lake that sometimes changes its colour). It is around 30 Kms from bogor city, on the slope of mount megamendung. Most visitors are domestic tourist who come there to see the water that often changes in colour. It is believed that this place is sacred and haunted.

Puncak (Peak)
Close to the lake as the border between bogor regency an cianjur regency. Its elevation is 4.800 feet above sea lavel whith pleasant and fresh air and beautiful sceneries around. It is sometimes covered with fog but a very nice place for rest.

Lido (Cigombong): it is a nice place located on cigombong area. It is a small lake, by the road between bogor and sukabumi, whith facilities of swimming pool, Restaurant, fishing, and other recreation.

Lebak Wangi: a recreation place located between bogor and jakarta via parung. Facilities area fishing and boating and wellknown for specific Sundanese food available at its restaurant.

Golf Course: a large course isavailable with its epuipment for rent.

Places of carpet makers are available in parung. The carpet is made of mendong. A souvenir shop is also available in bogor that sells small ormaments made from almond-nut, hats from rabit skin, and horns.

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